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Welcome to the Urban Dialogues Network

The Urban Dialogues Network provides a collaborative space to consider and create more sustainable futures. It brings together various disciplines across the University of Plymouth, with community, voluntary, governmental, non-governmental, and entrepreneurial organisations. The aim is to create new partnerships where the opportunity to learn, research, and practice together is founded upon community-based learning and/or learning-based community development. Collectively, we aim to explore and share how we approach the making and experience of place and community, and create fresh opportunities for synergies in our thinking and approaches.

This network, supported by the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Business builds upon the University’s commitment to community engagement. We embrace the different knowledge and practices each of us bring to our work, and so contribute to and enhance more joined-up practices for making a positive difference to the lives of others.

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“Some very significant and successful work is being carried out by various disciplines from across the University in supporting civic-oriented learning and learned-based civic development. Imagine the impact we could have on Plymouth and the wider region if this work was brought together into a framework enabling more joined-up thinking and approaches. Imagine the transformation this might enable in our students’ learning experience.”

Professor Robert Brown, Lead coordinator of Urban Dialogues and MArch Programme Leader. School of Art, Design and Architecture.

“We are at an exciting time in Plymouth where real change is happening across the city through a joined up approach to creating more sustainable and compassionate futures. Students have so much to give and learn through being active participants in this city wide initiative and it is our hope that Urban Dialogues will help staff students and community partners to explore this potential together”
Dr Paul Warwick, Urban Dialogues Lead coordinator, Associate Professor and Centre for Sustainable Futures Lead. Teaching and Learning Support.

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