Jai Yan Lim

"The University of Plymouth offers quality teaching, lecturers, and a vibrant social life."

Why did you choose Plymouth University to do your degree course?

I chose the University of Plymouth as it has a reputation as one of the leading institutions in the maritime field. The degree is highly recognised amongst employers, and it, therefore, offers many graduate opportunities and employment prospects once you have completed the course. Moreover, the University of Plymouth offers quality teaching, lecturers, and vibrant social life.

How have you found your time here?

Life on campus has provided a great opportunity to make new friends from all over the world. I've also found that being at Plymouth has broadened my horizons in an environment that is rich in culture and heritage. The University is a lovely place full of friendly, warm people that are accepting and easy to bond with.

Would you encourage prospective students to study with us and why?

Yes, definitely. I have gained an immense amount of knowledge from being at Plymouth which will be extremely useful for me in my chosen field. The teaching staff are always helpful and enthusiastic. The best part about studying at Plymouth is that it provides the platform to develop new interests and to learn new skills through a range of clubs and societies offered, which has allowed me to become more independent and responsible.

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