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There are three core academic faculties, supported by 12 schools. They are:

Professional Services

The faculties are supported by the following professional service areas:


Our strategic institutes draw membership from the 1,500 academic staff, often crossing faculties and disciplines. They are externally focused and act as a portal into the different research clusters within the institution.

Interdisciplinary Strategic Institutes

Our diverse research spans three Strategic Institutes. Collaborative endeavour in rich, natural environments drives solutions to global challenges.

Richard Thompson Plymouth Pioneers. plastic bottle in sea

Marine Institute
Marine, maritime, education and innovation expertise integrate to train scientists, engineers, policymakers, artists, technicians and business.


Plymouth Institute of Health and Care Research
Transformation in life course, ageing, methodologies, e-health, technology and interventions in health, social care, lifestyle, health and wellbeing.

Research with the School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences

Sustainable Earth Institute
Science, engineering, arts, humanities, health and business, with community, businesses and individuals, innovate to build resilience for our planet.