Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Business

Through the provision of creative learning we build a culture of ingenuity, diversity and distinctiveness, a culture that has far reaching benefits that go beyond the faculty, beyond the University and reach out into the community, industry and economy at large.

The Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Business transcends the provision of degrees and doctorates, lectures and workshops by: 

  • working with schools and colleges to raise aspirations
  • offering space for the development of creative business ideas through the Formation Zone 
  • fostering collaborations both within the University and with external partners through Creative Cultivator
  • bringing a diverse range of cultural events to the people of Plymouth and the South West through The Arts Institute.
Bringing together a community comprised of the School of Art, Design and Architecture, the School of Humanities and Performing Arts, Plymouth Institute of Education, Plymouth Business School and the School of Law, Criminology and Government, the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Business works hard for its students be they in the studio, a seminar room, or in extra-curricular activities. 

The Arts Institute, Plymouth's space for arts and culture

Hosting The Levinsky Gallery, the Jill Craigie Cinema, and The House, a state of the art performing arts centre; we champion new innovations across all art forms.

Our public programme is available all year round inspiring visitors from across the city, the South West and beyond, to discover and enjoy the arts.

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