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Nick Beckett
Nick Beckett | Faculty Technical Manager

Welcome from the Faculty Technical Manager

Our technical services provide students with the information they need to access the wonderful facilities that relate to their course and how they can make their time on the course the most productive.

Each area has at least one member of the technical team associated with it. These technicians are highly skilled and the first point of contact, providing students with help and advice so they can achieve their aims and ambitions.

The technical management team underpin the technical services in the faculty, striving to deliver each technical resource to the highest quality and providing students with the best experience possible.

Preface from our School Technical Managers

The School of Art, Design and Architecture is a vibrant and vast school that offers a broad range of specialist technical facilities and resources across its technical range.

Whether we are supporting craft-based skills in ceramics, printing making and woodwork or developing digital skills in software, fabrication and media, the school offers a robust and wide range of specialist technical skills to our students to engage with creatively.

The school houses over 24 specialist technical staff, each with their own technical specialisms or skill-sets in practical arts, craft or digital processes.

All these skills meet with a wide variety of collaborative and conjoining opportunity, which allows our students to cross-pollinate their skill-sets while learning new ones for a varied and dynamic technical experience.

Luke Broadway
Luke Broadway | School Technical Manager, Art, Design & Architecture
School of Society and Culture (SoSC) including Plymouth Institute of Education (PIE) and Plymouth Business School (PBS).
Richard Wood | School Technical Manager - PIE, SAC, PBS
Richard Wood | School Technical Manager, SoSC, PBS
I am very pleased to introduce the staff and operational facilities for the School of Society & Culture (SoSC) including Plymouth Institute of Education (PIE) and Plymouth Business School (PBS). 
We are committed to delivering the highest quality resources and technical support using up-to-date skills from expert staff who are impassioned in their subjects.
Our technical staff provide support to some of the very best curriculums and provide the best environments for learning and teaching.
We have a variety of specialist areas available to students; from rehearsal spaces and stages for theatre and performance to classrooms and laboratories for teacher training to technical resources to support the delivery of law practice and international business.
These leading skills and facilities are here to support our students, providing a premium experience for all our programmes.
Roland Levinsky building abstract

Emergency contact

In the event of any emergency, call 3333 from an internal phone or telephone 01752 583333 to contact the Security Lodge, Level 1, Portland Square.

Health and safety

We are very strict with all matters of health and safety and will enforce appropriate measures if we see anything that can endanger students, staff or the building itself.

If in doubt about anything, please see a member of staff, who will either be able to advise you or find the right person for you to contact.

Student conduct

We expect you to adhere to the student code of conduct when dealing with fellow students and staff members. Under no circumstances do we tolerate abuse, bad language or threatening behaviour and we will report any breach of the rules immediately.

We are here to help you in your studies and can understand the pressures you may be under, but we cannot allow antisocial behaviour in the University.

Student regulations, policies and procedures