Technical facilities and equipment

Our facilities

  • 2 Black and white darkrooms
  • 2 Ceramics and plaster studios
  • 2 Traditional print studios
  • 2 Letterpress studio
  • 2 Casting and molding workshop
  • 2 Fabrication suite
  • 2 Immersive media studio
  • 2 Games lab
  • 2 Sound suites
  • 2 Film processing
  • 2 Post-production suites
  • 2 Digital darkrooms
  • 2 TV studio and gallery
  • 2 Green screen studio
  • 2 Hack lab / DLS space

Frequently asked questions

How do I use Smart Hub bookings?

You will attend an induction for Smart Hub and we will provide advice on how to log on as well as navigating the site. Smart Hub advice can also be obtained from the technical staff in the Media Hub.

Can I get an extra memory card or borrow just a memory card?

No, we do not lend memory cards on their own. We have just enough cards to provide one with each piece of digital equipment. We recommend you use your own cards as you know how they have been treated, and your files will remain in your control at all times.

I already know how to use this kit – do I have to attend an induction?

Yes. Previous experience with equipment is great, but is not a substitute for an induction with one of our technicians.

I’ve been working with a friend who has an induction – do I still need an induction myself?

Yes, you must have had an induction with the dedicated technician, not from your friend. Your friend may have missed something during their own induction, and may not have the experience in the use of equipment and studios that the technicians have acquired over years of safe use.

Can I have an induction?

Due to the high amount of workshops given, our technicians are not able to do inductions for single students. We suggest that you try to organise a group of five to ten students all wanting to be able to use the equipment, then ask your tutor to arrange a date with the correct technician.

Why won’t my student card open studios and editing rooms?

You need to book out a key card from the Media Hub. Also you need to have your induction first.

This bit of kit doesn’t work!

We endeavor to keep all our equipment in working order, but we can only fix problems if we know about them. If something doesn’t work as it should, let us know as soon as possible, so that a repair can be arranged. We never knowingly issue faulty kit.

The sound does not work!

Check if the equipment is on and all the cables are in the correct places. Also, the battery might be flat. We might be able to provide you with a new battery for the equipment you have borrowed from the Media Hub.

Have you seen a particular technician?

Technicians do a lot of workshops and help students and staff in different locations. You might need to spend a little bit of your time locating them. It is always good to email the technician if possible.

Find a technician

Can I print double-sided prints/books in the Digital Print Hub?

Unfortunately, we do not have printers that are cable of double-sided printing, therefore currently we are unable to offer this service.

The deadline is tomorrow!

We understand that deadlines can catch you off-guard now and then, but our resources are limited, so try not to leave things until the last minute. If you’re organised and plan ahead, and you’ll be much more likely to be able to get the equipment you need when you need it.

Health and safety

We are very strict with all matters of health and safety and will be enforcing these if we see anything that can endanger students or staff or the building itself.

If in doubt about anything please see a member of staff who will either be able to advise you or find the right person for you to contact.

Student conduct

We expect you to adhere to the student code of conduct when dealing with fellow students or with staff members. Under no circumstances do we tolerate abuse, bad language or threatening behaviour and we will report any breach of the rules immediately.

We are here to help you in your studies and can understand the pressures you may be under but we cannot allow antisocial behaviour in the University.

Student regulations, policies and procedures