3D printer, digital fabrication laboratory
The Digital Fabrication and Immersive Media Labs present a step change in the delivery of teaching, research and innovation for the University of Plymouth and local community.
Based within the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Business the labs offer access to cutting-edge technology such as motion-capture, augmented and extended reality and a wide array of digital fabrication tools which enable users to develop and prototype new products, services and experiences, create bespoke tools for complex and specialist research purposes and engage with new opportunities for innovative, interdisciplinary collaborations.

For students

We are dedicated to building a new generation of alumni with high in-demand industry skills, while broadening our vision and understanding of how these technologies will be shaping our society.
Therefore, we encourage our students to gain as much hands-on practice as possible with the technology available to them, empowering them to experiment and use the labs to bring their ideas to life in entirely new ways.

For staff

This new technology provides an opportunity for staff to push the boundaries of their research through innovative collaborations, knowledge sharing and the potential for prototyping and immersion unlike anything the faculty has seen before. What's more, with access to the labs, our teaching staff have the opportunity to engage students in an entirely new degree if explorative, innovative immersive learning.

For business

We deliver bespoke training sessions to help organisations develop a strong understanding of the value, implications and impact these technologies can have on their businesses.
Through a combination of knowledge sharing from our world-leading academics in the field and hands-on support from our highly skilled technicians, participants will leave with a thorough understanding of all aspects and capabilities of these technologies and gain a common vocabulary to build a constructive dialogue across all levels of the organisation.
Access these workshops by contacting dfiml@plymouth.ac.uk

Digital Fabrication Lab resources

The Digital Fabrication Laboratory provides advanced digital fabrication resources to support design ideation, prototyping and product development This core facility supports research, enterprise and academic development in architecture, design and engineering. Through the use of cutting-edge technologies, the laboratory enables new solutions to close the gaps between digital media and physical production processes, forcing a step change in the way we design, make and build.

Digital Fabrication Laboratory hardware

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Digital Fabrication Laboratory software

Digital Printers
Digital Fab Lab CNC
Screenshot of the virtual tour of the Digital Fabrication laboratory

Immersive Media Lab resources

The Immersive Media Laboratory provides facilities for 3D scanning and motion capture as well as a black box space to experiment with augmented (AR), mixed (MR) and virtual reality (VR) technologies. The space offers an opportunity for experimentation and interdisciplinary collaboration and is open to testing new games, products, immersive experiences, educational innovations and medical simulations to name a few uses. We welcome creative interdisciplinary collaborations from all sectors wishing to experiment with AR, MR and VR.

Immersive Media Lab hardware

Immersive Media Lab software

Motion capture augmented reality
Immersive media
Building information modeling BIM, augmented reality 
The Roland Levinsky Building

Digital Fabrication Laboratory

Digital Fabrication Lab, Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Business, Roland Levinsky Building 112, University of Plymouth, Drake Circus, Plymouth, PL4 8AA