The House
The House is a state-of-the-art performing arts centre, offering world-class facilities as well as a diverse programme of contemporary performance open to the public.  
Located on the city-centre campus, adjacent to the Roland Levinsky Building , it was built primarily as a training facility, furthering our commitment to investing in world-class research and creating outstanding student opportunities. 

Performance spaces and facilities

The House is home to the two largest of the University of Plymouth's five studio performance spaces. All spaces have sprung dance floors and a range of technical facilities for audio playback and stage lighting. 
The space for the main stage is up to 200 metres square and features a retractable seating rake for 200 people. The House Studio provides a performance and practice studio for up to 50 students, with dedicated changing facilities. 
We have three technicians available to work with students to provide advice and operate technical elements during shows and assessments. Technicians also assist with designing, programming and operating lighting, sound and video, stage management, set design, construction and changing the format of the space.

Offering a tension-wire grid spanning the main stage allowing for quick and safe lighting rigging and focusing without the need for ladder access. An industry-standard ETC Gio lighting desk controls 52 LED Source 4 Lustr+ lights with 192 ways of dimming. Audio facilities include a full d&b sound system controlled by a Yamaha QL5 digital mixing desk with QLab for sound and video playback. A 5×13 m cyc can be used for video projection and there are options to project onto other surfaces including ‘mapping’ on 3D surfaces. Other industry-standard facilities include an intercom and cue light system with a patching facility to allow connectivity between all spaces.
The House has been designed and built to be fully accessible to disabled users, and includes:
  • Accessible toilets on all floors
  • Ramp access to the front entrance
For patrons who are unable to attend performances unless accompanied; an additional seat may be available free of charge for your companion – please contact The Arts Institute for further information.
For more specific information relating to disability access at The House, please see the AccessAble website.
Disabled parking bays are located a short distance from The House; adjacent to the Roland Levinsky Building and accessed via James Street.