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SmartHub: Booking rooms, equipment and inductions

FoAHB Students can pre-book workshop spaces and equipment using the SmartHub online booking system.

The standard loan period for all equipment is 24 hours and all equipment bookings are subject to availability.

When collecting any item of equipment from the Creative Media Support Desk:

  • You need to have made a prior booking using the SmartHub booking system
  • You will need to present your Student ID card when collecting any equipment
  • You should have completed a Risk Assessment if required.

Please note: if you do not collect your equipment within 30 minutes of the collection time, your equipment booking will be cancelled.

It is your responsibility to check through each item of equipment once you have booked it out. This is to make sure that there are no missing accessories (e.g., batteries) that you could be held responsible for when returning the equipment.

Always check that the equipment is in full working order before you take it away – otherwise you will be held responsible for any loss or damage.

Care of equipment

Please ensure that you look after the equipment while it is in your possession. The equipment should be returned in the same condition as it left the Media Hub.

This includes wrapping up leads and cleaning any dirty cases, bags or the equipment itself to a reasonable standard. It is the borrower's responsibility to ensure that they have all the items they need and that these are in good working order.

  • You are liable for any loss or damage to the equipment
  • You should not leave equipment unattended
  • Cost of repairs or equipment replacement will be charged.

Returns, late items and extensions

  • Equipment should be returned on or before the time specified.
  • All equipment should be packed away properly, ensuring all cables are neatly coiled etc.
  • If you have booked out equipment, you are responsible for that equipment until it is returned.

Please note:The Media Hub cannot accept incomplete equipment returns, so please ensure equipment is complete before checking it back in.

  • If you cannot return equipment on time then you must inform the Media Hub as soon as possible.
  • If you do not return items on time or do not take care of equipment while it is in your possession, then your tutor will be informed and future bookings may be restricted.
  • If an item of equipment has been damaged or stolen while on loan, please inform the Media Hub as soon as possible. You should obtain a crime report number from the police for any theft or criminal damage.
  • If a piece of equipment has developed a fault or has simply stopped working, please report the fault to a member of the technical team when you return the equipment.

Booking equipment and facilities during holidays

The Media Hub is available for general equipment bookings over the holiday periods at limited opening times.

Summer: all equipment must be returned before the summer break. Equipment can only be booked out for referral/deferral or University project work over the summer holidays. This needs to be agreed with your tutor and the Media Hub in advance.

If you need equipment for a University-based project during a holiday period, please discuss this with any member of the Media Hub at least two weeks before the end of term.