Crime Suite
The University of Plymouth has launched a new, state-of-the-art crime, interview and simulated policing suite, providing students with an immersive learning experience.
These facilities allow our criminology and policing students to learn by doing in scenarios that are based on real life investigations, developed by our expert staff who have significant experience working in the police force. 
These incredible facilities, coupled with staff expertise, are a unique combination and we are the only University in the South West peninsula offering such a student experience. 
  • ( Location: Portland Square Building
  • B Explore crime scenes and harvest forensic materials from the room and lifelike mannequins.
  • B Learn police interview techniques and practice these on actors in our bespoke police interview rooms.
  • B Use CCTV footage and two-way mirrors to observe and record the investigation.
  • B Review footage and evaluate your performance at leisure.
  • B Use the latest laser scanning technology to capture the scene virtually and revisit in the future.

Our staff include respected criminologists, a former senior police detective and a former senior officer from the Royal Military Police who also have significant academic experience. This level of expertise enables the scenarios at Plymouth to be extraordinarily realistic. The management of critical incidents such as large scale protests and extreme weather events such as flooding are also simulated in the Suite to educate the next generation of senior police commanders.

Brendan BrookshawBrendan Brookshaw
Lecturer in Criminology and Professional Policing, with over 30 years experience as Detective Chief Inspector

These digital crime simulation facilities allow us to provide our students with an education at the frontiers of the field. They ensure our Criminology and Policing students graduate with cutting edge experience and knowledge that sets them apart in the job market.

Edward BraundEdward Braund
Deputy Head of School

<p>Crime suite / murder house, forensic, criminology and policing facility.</p><p>Blood sampling at crime scene.</p>
Blood sampling

</p><p>Crime suite / murder house, forensic, criminology and policing facility.</p><p>Finger printing at crime scene.</p><p></p>
Finger printing
<p>Crime suite / murder house, forensic, criminology and policing facility.</p><p>Fibre sampling at crime scene.<br></p>
Fibre sampling

Being in the Crime Suite helped me to really engage with the material and feel the realism of the role I was put into. It confirmed the career I want in the future.

Feedback from graduates highlights that experiences in the Crime Suite are a high spot of the course. Time spent investigating crimes as a team is excellent experience and one which will stay with you into your future career.   
<p>Crime suite / murder house, criminology and policing facility.</p><p>Crime scene with forensic investigation.</p>