Make, VR & Game Labs

A collection of 3D Printers are available for use, capable of printing objects up to 148×150×227mm. In addition, we also have a tall-format printer able to print tall objects up to 400mm. PLA plastic – a renewable and recyclable material – is used.

For electronics-based projects, a number of resources are available. Prototyping equipment, including bread boards and hook-up wires, allow for rapid assembly and testing of prototypes. A suite of soldering stations enables the production of final quality work.

A vast array of electronic boards and components are available from the Make Lab. Arduino, Raspberry Pi, sensors, screens, speakers, LEDs and many more can all be used both in the lab and booked out via the Smarthub self-service system. A range of other equipment is also present, including handheld 3D Scanners, a Pen Plotter, and Kinects for motion tracking.

Attached to the Make Lab is the VR Development Lab, a space dedicated to virtual reality. This bookable space provides access to both HTC Vive and Oculus Rift headsets, along with VR-spec PCs with Unity, Unreal Engine and associated software for VR development. Specialist technical support for all equipment and electronics is available from the lab throughout the week.

RLB 203 – The Games Development Lab provides a suite of high-end, VR-spec workstations equipped with speakers, game controllers and 4K monitors. Industry standard software is available across every machine. Unity and Unreal Engine are used regularly and throughout the gaming industry, powering many of the highest profile commercially produced games.

These are fully-featured game engines, able to be used to create simple 2D puzzles to complete immersive virtual worlds. The 3D modelling and sculpting tools Maya and ZBrush are both present for the creation and manipulation of assets, as used by game and movie studios world-wide. For texturing of assets, Substance Painter is available, and the workstations also include a wide range of other supporting software used in the day-to-day production of computer games. Expert support is available from University tutors with a history of game design experience.

Man with VR headset and controllers
Virtual reality headset in use in built game environments
Make, VR & Game Labs

Make Lab contact

Make Lab and VR Development Lab, RLB 204/205, Roland Levinsky Building, Drake Circus, PL4 8AA

Monday 09:00–17:00 | Tuesday 09:00–17:00 | Wednesday 09:00–13:00 | Thursday 09:00–17:00 | Friday 09:00–17:00 | *closed lunchtimes 13:00–14:00