Filmmaking studio
Scott Building houses our film and TV production studios.  
Students have access to two studios, a specialist green screen studio, five stop frame 2D animation rostrum suites, three post-production suites, an audio production facility and a sound recording studio.

Film & TV production studios

Scott 209 and Scott 109
We have two film and TV production studios as well as a specialist green screen studio with an infinity cove and 360-degree subject ARRI LED bi-colour lighting rig. SCB209 is a multipurpose television production studio equipped with three Blackmagic 4K cameras with built-in autocue monitors, a Panasonic PTZ remote controlled camera, 4K viewing monitor, chromatte green screen and full lighting rig with adjacent integrated live vision mixing gallery, including a 4 video input vision mixing desk and digital audio mixing facilities. SCB109 is a film production studio equipped with a large green screen infinity cove, including a photo-paper backdrop, 4K viewing monitors and an industry standard ARRI LED bi-colour lighting rig.

Post-production suites

Scott 106, Scott 107 and Scott 113
Our audio and visual editing suites include 18 Mac Pro edit suites with Adobe Creative Cloud Suite and DaVinci Resolve; Blender 3D Computer Animation software; two specialist grading suites featuring DaVinci Resolve and 4K preview screens; a Foley/ADR suite with access to a wide range of mics; and portable foley traps and props with two post-production audio suites.

Stop-frame animation studios

Scott 112
Our five stop frame 2D animation rostrum suites include film industry-standard software, Dragon Frame, and hardware including Adobe Creative Cloud Suite, with one 3D stop-frame animation suite for preparing, crafting and animating 3D Models. Students have access to dedicated stop-motion animation.

Audio production facility

Scott 105 – Scott 107
The audio production facility houses a suite of Apple computers with applications and hardware appropriate to music recording and composition, as well as sound design and editing.  Programming applications and coding languages are available for students developing their own projects at this level.
Scott 106 and Scott 107 are well-equipped booths for individual sound recording and editing. The rooms are acoustically treated for critical listening purposes and have interconnectivity to the main sound recording studio. 

Sound recording studio

Scott 108
The main recording studio and live sound room are based around a hybrid setup of a Toft audio analogue console and an Avid HD recording interface. The room is ideally suited to multi-track recording and mixing, as well as voiceover and sound-for-moving-image projects.
Acoustic treatment and monitoring by PMC ensure accurate representation of audio material. In 2020, the Scott facilities received the JAMES industrial seal of approval. Access to the Scott rooms is by student ID card, with the exception of Scott 105, which requires a key card to be issued by the Media Hub. 
Filmmaking studio
filmmaking studio
Filmmaking studio

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