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If you have any queries about Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Business please contact the Senior Administrator Equality and Diversity Support, Stacey Bains:

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion and the Faculty of Arts Humanities and Business

The Equality team in the faculty support the EDI commitments and priorities of the four schools: Art, Design and Architecture, The Business School, the School of Society and Culture, and the Plymouth Institute for Education. We develop faculty-level initiatives, through our commitments to Student Success and the Access and Participation Plan, and we support the delivery of school Athena Swan charters. Through monthly newsletters, we are a regular point of contact and distribution for relevant news items, achievements and events.

Dr Kathryn Gray
“Many colleagues are familiar with the University’s EDI agenda through their participation in the Athena Swan process and each school responds to their own action plan, through their EDI committees. School and Faculty EDI committees address issues of equality and diversity more broadly, supporting a number of initiatives that encourage inclusive working practices for staff and students.
The inter-connectedness of the University, Faculty and School EDI structures allows us to collaborate more effectively and share good practice more easily.”
Kathryn Gray (Faculty EDI Lead)
Professor Chris Bennewith
“The Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Business is home to staff and students from around the world, with a diverse and vibrant mix of individuals all of whom contribute their ideas, perspectives and opinions to make our Faculty a truly inclusive and collegiate community. We foster a respectful and understanding environment which actively supports the ongoing success of all of our staff, students and wider community.”
Chris Bennewith (Dean for FoAHB)

Diversity and curricula

In response to the University’s commitment to the Race Equality Charter application, the Faculty engaged a working group to discuss methods and approaches to decolonising HE curricula. Though collaborative partnerships and conversations with Educational Development, colleagues in the Faculty contributed to the creation and collation of resources and case studies.
The Faculty EDI team and chairs of the working group collated findings and resources to support further discussion and inclusive practices and pedagogies.

Decolonising research workshop

As part of the Deputy Vice Chancellor’s Research Festival 2021, co-chairs of the Faculty working group led an international research workshop:
The Keynote speaker was Dr Jahnavi Phalkey, Founding Director of Science Gallery Bengaluru (2018-present), the first Asian member of the Global Science Gallery Network, with a remit to engage and inspire visitors at the interface between science and art. Author of Atomic State: Big Science in Twentieth Century India and has co- edited Science of Giants: China and India in the Twentieth Century.

The Bridge

The Bridge acknowledges and embodies the idea that new ideas come from a diverse mix of thinking, background and life experience.
Building upon the University of Plymouth’s commitment to providing an inclusive work environment, The Bridge seeks to enable knowledge exchange from within the university and beyond by creating a space where participants feel empowered to share their experiences and ideas by being their authentic self, and to create and share accessible and inclusive opportunities.
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Events and showcase

The EDI team have organised dedicated events that promote awareness and engagement within the workplace. By recognising significant cultural observances and historical milestones, the team aims to foster a more inclusive environment where employees and students from diverse backgrounds feel valued and respected. These events are carefully curated to celebrate various cultural heritages, honour achievements, and raise awareness about important issues related to equity and diversity. Through events like workshops, seminars, art exhibitions, film screenings, panel discussions, and other activities, the EDI team works towards creating a workplace that embraces diversity and promotes inclusion at all levels.
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The GATEWAY Project is the School of Art, Design, and Architecture’s flagship project for access and participation.
The aim is to deliver inclusivity and diversity activities which:
  • Highlight diversity and inclusion within the university.
  • Attract and support a wider range of students.
  • Provide diversity and inclusion resources and training to students and staff.
  • Can be evaluated against the School's APP objectives.
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As a powerful collective of employers, schools, colleges, training providers and informal educators, we have joined the movement to help individuals better tell their stories, rewarding the hard work of our students and staff with our bespoke University of Plymouth Equality, Diversity and Inclusion digital badge, tailored to EDI initiatives within the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Business.
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Athena Swan within the Faculty 

The Athena Swan Charter is a nationally recognised framework that aims to support and transform gender equality and representation within higher education and research. From student and staff recruitment, to representation at the most senior levels, the aim of the Athena Swan Award and action plan is to support change and enable gender-based equality. 
All schools within the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Business have been conferred an Athena Swan Bronze Award.
Please use the links below to view each school’s Athena Swan submission document, including their five-year action plans.
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Faculty EDI contacts