Students: get involved

We have an international reputation for being a leader in the field of sustainability. But we want you to be involved. We have a number of current initiatives and activities for you to join - explore and find out more.

Sustainability trail

Take the sustainability trail to find out more!

To find out more about the University of Plymouth's sustainability activities and the technology in use on campus, how about taking a tour on the interactive Sustainability Trail. 

This will take you out around campus and give you some more information about our sustainability activities and the technology that we have on campus, much of it hidden behind the scenes in the building’s structure.

To get to the trail:

For those with smartphones - download the Layar App. Once installed, click Geo Layers and search 'Campus Tour'. You can either search for points using camera mode, where you scan for nearby locations, or click map view and see the points marked on the map. 

Take your phone and follow the points on the app out on campus to find out more information on the locations of interest.

For those that don't have smartphone or are unable to download the Layar App (some phones are not compatible such as Window’s Phones), you can view details of the sustainability trail.


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