'What did one pigeon say to the other pigeon?' – two Rock Doves (Columba livia) on lunch break in Drake's Place Reservoir. Captured by Eve Pryor, BEng (Hons) Electrical and Electronic Engineering, for the 2024 Biodiversity Photography Competition.
Two Rock Doves (Columba livia) on lunch break in Drake's Place Reservoir.
Captured by Eve Pryor, BEng (Hons) Electrical and Electronic Engineering, for the 2024 Biodiversity Photography Competition.
We have many opportunities at the University, in the Student Union, and in the city to get involved in sustainability. Explore and find out more how you can make difference.
Sustainability events are run across the University for staff and students. Find out what’s on below.

University sustainability activities and initiatives

Sustainability trails and maps

We have created a sustainability map of the campus to give you a tour of the features we use at the University. There are six layers you can switch between: Sustainable Campus, Water Fountains, Cycle Facilities, Specialist Recycling, Biodiversity and EV Charging.
We also have a zero waste map of Plymouth. We detail lots of zero waste shops and second-hand stores in the city to help you reduce your waste, and you can also save money too! Know any more locations that should be on our map? Drop us an email on sustainability@plymouth.ac.uk
Campus sustainability map

Student groups

There are a number of student society groups with UPSU at the University with a focus on sustainability such as: Enviro Soc, vegetarian & vegan society, wildlife and ecological society, the marine biology society, and more. Across our main campus, CobBauge has a dedicated student growing space, where you can see the growing efforts of the UPSU Gardening Society. You can also find specific groups at the University and in the city on our SharePoint page. Even societies and sports clubs without a specific focus on sustainability can get involved through the UPSU Extra Mile Scheme.
The Students' Union also hosts student led volunteering opportunities, such as the Hedgehog Friendly Campus group, actioning biodiversity on campus, as well as opportunities at Dartmoor Zoo and the Barn Owl trust. There are also external opportunities to volunteer, and ways to fundraise on the UPSU volunteering page.

The student voice in sustainability

It’s important that as a University we act in the interests of our students. That’s why we want students to be involved in raising sustainability issues. All the elected student representatives of the Students' Union consider aspects of sustainability, and attend the sustainability decision making groups at the University, including the University Executive Group, and the Sustainability Advisory Group along with its associated subgroups. 
You also have a dedicated part time Environmental Officer who acts as your representative. You too can be part of this process by running for one of these roles – if you have any concerns about what the role actually includes, then you can reach out to UPSU or our team. 
  • Find out more about sustainability decision making and policies
  • Raise sustainability concerns with your Students' Union sabbatical officers and the student voice team. 
  • UPSU hosts regular sustainability forums for students to feedback on the Students' Union and University sustainability.
  • You can also email the sustainability team any questions, feedback, or suggestions you might have at sustainability@plymouth.ac.uk

External sustainability opportunities

Discover more

Sustainability is embedded not just in operations across the University but also in our course provision, education methods and research.

Dartmoor expedition

Sustainability courses and programmes
Plymouth offers a range of sustainability themed courses and programmes across many disciplines.

Sustainability education

Sustainability education
Discover how the Centre for Sustainable Futures works to embed sustainability across our faculties.

Aerial view from high altitude of little planet earth with small village houses and distant green cultivated agricultural fields with growing crops on bright summer evening

Sustainability research
Our Sustainable Earth Institute is about advancing research, knowledge and innovation for a more sustainable Earth.