Ethical investment

View our Treasury Management and Ethical Investment policy at our Policies page.

Annual investments

The University does not currently hold direct investments, only corporate bonds. The intention is to hold multi asset funds in the future; this information will be listed on this webpage.

Plymouth 2030: a future of excellence

In support of this, the University’s Carbon Strategy and Carbon Management Plan outlines our commitment to be actively involved in projects that seek to encourage and enable large-scale carbon reduction and promote low carbon transitions in the city and nationally, as well as continued investment in renewable energy projects on campus. 

View our Carbon Strategy and Management Plan

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The Finance Committee has delegated authority from the Board of Governors for the Treasury Management Policy and the Ethical Investment Policy contained within. The minutes of the Board of Governors are available publicly. Further to this University Executive Group meeting minutes are available internally on our intranet pages.

View membership of the Board of Governors.


The Finance Committee is chaired by and consists of five members on the board of governors.

The committee is joined by the Vice Chancellor, the University Registrar and Secretary, the Chief Financial Officer.