Fairtrade stamp printed on linen sack
The University of Plymouth is dedicated to achieving Fairtrade accreditation. 
This commitment involves advocating for fair prices, improving working conditions, promoting local sustainability, and ensuring fairtrade terms for farmers and workers in our procurement processes and supplier partnerships.

Our commitment

At the University, our commitment to fostering a sustainable food culture extends across our catering and retail outlets and services, guided by our comprehensive sustainable food plan.
We prioritise offering Fairtrade products wherever feasible and collaborate with local food suppliers to showcase the availability of seasonal, local, and organic food options. Explore our local suppliers map for more information.
Our pursuit of Fairtrade accreditation involves several key objectives:
  • creating and sharing our Fairtrade Policy
  • expanding the assortment of Fairtrade products in our catering and hospitality offerings
  • organising promotional campaigns and events throughout the year
  • participating in Fairtrade Fortnight annually.

Statement of intent

In line with the University of Plymouth’s 12-point climate action plan, we are increasing the provision of local, sustainable food and reducing our reliance on imports.
Where this is not possible, we are committed to following the Fairtrade Principles of better prices, decent working conditions, local sustainability, and fair terms of trade for farmers and workers, both within the UK and elsewhere. We will purchase products with the Fairtrade mark where viable. This reassures us that the product was produced in the most sustainable way and ensures that the University finds a sustainable balance in our food provision between local and Fairtrade drivers.
We are passionate about educating our staff, students, and our local community about the benefits of local produce, Fairtrade, trade justice and ethical consumption. 


In recognition and celebration of Fairtrade, we annually observe Fairtrade Fortnight with a series of events, promotions, and competitions. Stay updated on upcoming campus cafes events or follow us on Facebook.
Fairtrade food and drink on campus
  • Fairtrade coffee, sugar, and bananas are standard offerings across campus and within our catering services.
  • At Portland's Pizzeria and The Container Cafe, enjoy hot drinks with Fairtrade syrups in caramel, vanilla, or hazelnut flavours.
  • Explore our diverse range of teas, including Fairtrade, Organic, Fair for Life, and Ethical Tea Partnership options. Whether you're craving a fruity infusion or a classic English breakfast brew, we have something to delight every tea lover's palate.
  • Indulge in a delicious hot chocolate made with Fairtrade Cadbury's when you order from our Hospitality Service.
  • Refresh with a Juice Burst juice from RLB Cafe and The Toast Office.
  • Experience Karma Drinks, supporting impactful projects like dedicating 1% of revenue from every Karma Drink to their Cola nut growers and their communities in Sierra Leone at The Container Cafe.
  • Keep an eye out for Divine Fairtrade chocolate bars in our cafes, co-owned by Fairtrade farmers.
  • Our Hospitality service crafts bakes and cakes for The Container Cafe and functions using premium Callebaut chocolate, which holds Cocoa Horizons Certification.
  • Chocolate and banana loaf crafted with Fairtrade bananas and sugar, alongside Callebaut Chocolate is available from The Toast Office.

Get involved

We are seeking students interested in sustainable living and Fairtrade practices to join our working group dedicated to achieving Fairtrade accreditation and promoting ethical and fair practices throughout our services. 
Here's how you can participate:
Attend Fairtrade-themed events on campus, which you can find listed on our campus cafes events page or via our Facebook page. 
Join our Fairtrade University working group to contribute to our objectives for accreditation status. We welcome student contributions and event ideas. For more information, please contact fairtrade@plymouth.ac.uk.
Explore Fairtrade, trade justice, or ethical consumption issues as part of your coursework or dissertations, both on and off-campus.
If you're a local school, college, or business interested in support from the University of Plymouth to explore or achieve Fairtrade accreditation, please email us at fairtrade@plymouth.ac.uk.
Teaching staff interested in incorporating Fairtrade issues into their teaching, learning, or assessment can participate in the annual Global Goals Teach-In, held in March. Reach out to the provided email address for more information.
Get involved with the sustainability agenda at the University. As a student you can share ideas for improvements at UPSU through your student representatives
Continue to champion Fairtrade through your purchases both on and off campus. If you're interested in getting involved or hosting an event, please reach out to us at fairtrade@plymouth.ac.uk.