Plymouth: a civic university

Universities are so much more than degree-awarding seats of learning. They are drivers for economic innovation and advancement, catalysts for social change and champions of cultural development.

Professor Judith Petts, CBE

Sustainable Seas - University contributes to parliament report

On Thursday 17 January 2019, the Environmental Audit Committee published the results of its Sustainable Seas inquiry. It concluded that there were a number of key areas where the Government needed to take action to safeguard our oceans, including ocean acidification, plastic and chemical pollution, marine conservation and sustainable fisheries. Academics from University submitted written evidence to the inquiry and gave evidence to MPs as part of their deliberations, another example of the University’s world-leading marine expertise being used to influence government policy.

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Microplastics research highlighted as one of UK’s 100 best university breakthroughs

More plastic has been produced in the last seven years than in all of the last century. Through greater awareness of the problem, the wider world is waking up to this global challenge and the importance of taking action.

The work of the International Marine Litter Research Unit is featured in a campaign from Universities UK

MadeAtUni: reducing marine plastic litter