Research and Innovation

In order to support and deliver the University’s mission it is Research and Innovation’s strategic intention to drive the exploitation of research and knowledge transfer opportunities in order to deliver significant added value to the University, the wider economy and community.

Research and Innovation will:

  • maintain and develop organisational capabilities
  • create, enable and communicate research and knowledge transfer opportunities
  • provide information and intelligence.

Research and Innovation’s activities are:

  • winning funding and generating income for University activities and projects aligned with the University’s intentions and ambitions
  • generating new knowledge and supporting the generation of new knowledge in the University and with partners
  • exchanging, transferring and exploiting knowledge for the economic, social and environmental benefits of the University, staff, the city, the region and wider.

Team structure

An overview of the functions which support academics in winning funding for their research and the wide range of innovation activities managed to enable the transfer of the knowledge of the University through collaboration with industry, business, public sector, research and community based partners regionally, nationally and internationally.

Other teams

  • SERIO: Social Economic and Market Research Observatory
  • Brixham Environmental Laboratory - Blue Environmental Hub