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Being anti-racist

The University of Plymouth is a diverse, international University and we want all students and staff to feel welcomed and supported. We are committed to being anti-racist in our practices and policies and we want to create an inclusive culture where individuals are able to thrive, irrespective of their race or ethnicity. To help us along this journey we work with our staff, student societies and Advance HE’s Race Equality Charter to ensure our campus works for everyone.

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Mentoring, career development and bursaries

We recognise that in order to address attainment and employability gaps across Higher Education, we need to put in extra initiatives to ensure equality of opportunity for all our graduates. The University of Plymouth has a wide-range of mentoring, career development and bursaries available to our BAME/BIPOC students.

Decolonisation and challenging Eurocentrism

Our curriculum should reflect the diversity of lived experiences and not rely on white or Eurocentric ideas and philosophy. As part of the University’s work to address the ethnicity attainment gap we are working on curriculum decolonisation across the University through our dedicated Educational Development Team.

Anti-Racism Toolkit

We have put together a range of resources to help everyone learn how to be anti-racist in their work and daily life.
This toolkit comprises resources to inform and entertain you, including films, documentaries, podcasts, books (both fiction and non-fiction), articles, websites and more.

Speak Up

The University of Plymouth is proud to be a safe, welcoming and diverse community – our staff, students and anyone interacting with us should feel comfortable being who they are.
We believe that bullying, harassment and discrimination are never okay. Any allegations of this nature (which includes sexual violence, abuse or hate) are taken incredibly seriously.
Staff, students, contractors and members of the public can report incidents they have experienced or witnessed using our Speak Up tool and these can be reported anonymously if you wish.

Stay safe overseas

Travelling overseas with a protected characteristic can sometimes be challenging and add additional barriers to the safety and enjoyment of your trip. Working with Health and Safety, our Staff Networks and UPSU we have a dedicated travel advice page to help you when planning a trip.

Read our guidance information

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