Atlantic project full bleed greyscale for The Bridge

The Bridge drives Knowledge Exchange, Impact and Placemaking initiatives for the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Business. Our team brings together academia (researchers, students, technical and professional services staff) with communities, organisations, businesses and the self-employed in order to exchange ideas and expertise.

We aim to fuse the region’s creative talent and digital resources, with a focus on maximising the value and outcomes from all interactions for all parties. The Bridge unlocks the power of the University and makes it work for people.

The Bridge - optic fibres

Facilities and expertise

Foulston Room

A place where new ideas, skills and knowledge is generated; a place that accommodates and showcases our intellectual and creative talent in action, in a setting that facilitates our engagement with wider intellectual, educational and cultural communities and industry.
The University's partnership with The Box, Plymouth’s £48 million redevelopment of its Museum and Art Gallery, includes a new MA Archival Practice, alignment of Arts Institute public programme and occupation of the Foulston Room Space.

Foulston Room

Live Scribing

The Bridge has collaborated with BA (Hons) Illustration students to provide them with unique work experience at internal, external and international events.
The students use their creative talents to document these events through live illustration, allowing them to develop their practice, skills and confidence whilst providing event organisers with impressive marketing material. 
Female illustration student draws on wall with marker pen. 

Techstars Startup Weekend

Led by the University of Plymouth and part of the Techstars Startup Weekend movement, Plymouth Startup Weekend is the place to meet like-minded, entrepreneurial individuals and be immersed in a weekend of creativity and collaboration.
“It's so exciting that this is only the beginning for Plymouth; more of these affordable and innovative events will be coming to Plymouth in the future, which means more opportunities for students, creatives and those with entrepreneurial minds."