The Bridge

The Bridge drives Knowledge Exchange initiatives for the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Business. Our team works as the interface between the Faculty and the outside world, and focuses on maximising the value and outcomes from interactions. 

We can help businesses and organisations to develop new products, services and experiences and gain access to skills, talent and resources. We can help academics to increase the visibility, profile and impact of their research, enhance the student experience increase student employability and graduate outcomes.

The Bridge team is still hard at work

As is the case for so many of us now, The Bridge team are all working remotely but we are still available via phone, email, zoom and social media to support new and existing projects or ideas.

Things may be different for a while but we’re looking ahead and are keen to talk about new ideas and future plans.

If you would like to discuss opportunities for collaboration or have a specific requirement, please get in touch with us at:

Facilities and expertise


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Techstars Startup Weekend

Led by the University of Plymouth and part of the Techstars Startup Weekend movement, Plymouth Startup Weekend is the place to meet like-minded, entrepreneurial individuals and be immersed in a weekend of creativity and collaboration.

“It's so exciting that this is only the beginning for Plymouth; more of these affordable and innovative events will be coming to Plymouth in the future, which means more opportunities for students, creatives and those with entrepreneurial minds."

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