Online enrolment for new students

Information to help new students to complete enrolment


Why is enrolment important?

 When you’ve completed enrolment, you’ll be able to:
  • have a University card
  • access course content in your digital learning environment (including your full course timetable)
  • activate your student loan
  • access wider University systems
  • access University facilities, such as laboratories
  • access academic staff related to your degree.
Important note: please ensure you have either paid your tuition fees or have made arrangements to pay (for example, with a loan from the Student Loans Company). If your fees are paid by a sponsor, you must provide us with written confirmation of the agreement.

Complete enrolment by following all these steps

1. Activate your computing account

Important note for international students: you cannot complete these steps until you have provided the relevant documentation. If you have been asked to provide your original qualifications or ATAS certificate, please email these to
You do not need to complete this step if you already have a University of Plymouth computing account (for example, students enrolling onto a postgraduate programme, having just completed an undergraduate course at the University of Plymouth). 

All new students

Your first step is to activate your computing account. You will need your University of Plymouth Student Reference Number which appears at the top of your confirmation email from the Head of Student Recruitment and Admissions or your offer letter.
If a page displays stating that the details that you have entered do not match an account ready to be activated, please follow the instructions on that page.
Important note: You should make a note of your username and email address. You will be asked to wait for around 30 minutes while your computing account is created.
If you have been advised that you will be completing enrolment manually instead of online, you should still activate your computing account to set up your username and password (you will need this to access email, services and systems).

2. Log into the enrolment system

Log into the enrolment system using your University of Plymouth email address and password.
Select Complete my Online Enrolment from the enrolment system menu options.
If you are:
  • starting a new course
  • transferring to a completely new course
  • progressing from undergraduate to postgraduate level
  • progressing from postgraduate taught to postgraduate research level
  • progressing from a partner institution
  • progressing from a year-zero foundation course
  • an exchange student.
You can access the online enrolment system using a PC, tablet (iPad, for example) or smartphone. It is advisable to use landscape mode when using a mobile device.

3. Working through the screens

You will be asked to check your enrolment is correct. If it isn’t, or if there are any other error messages displayed, please follow the instructions on the message.
When you have agreed to the Terms and Conditions on the introduction page, you will see your enrolment menu.
The enrolment menu lists all of the sections you must visit to complete the process. As you complete each one, the status on the right hand side will change from incomplete to complete. You do not have to complete these sections in any particular order, but it is set out in what we hope is a logical sequence. As you go through the sections, you will need to check and confirm that what is shown is correct.
If there are any blanks in compulsory fields (marked with an !), you will need to enter the required information before you can complete the section. At the bottom of each section, enter a tick in the confirmation box then click save.
If you need to go back you can click cancel to cancel any changes and return to the list of sections, or click undo and start the section again.
 If at any stage you save and exit and want to resume your progress later, log back onto the online enrolment system

4. Completion of enrolment

When you have completed all of the sections required (the list of sections should all say ‘complete’) and are happy that all your enrolment information is correct, you should click the ‘complete enrolment’ button.
Please note that when you have done this, you can no longer change your enrolment information.
If you think you have made an error with your contact details or they have changed, you can amend this by following the 'Can I update my details later if they change?' frequently asked question below. For any other errors please contact your faculty.
 Important note: Once you have completed this process, please do not select Complete my Online Enrolment from the menu again unless you have another programme to enrol on for this academic year.


Once you have completed enrolment, an email will automatically be sent to your University of Plymouth computing account which will:
  • confirm that you have completed enrolment
  • confirm the method of payment you selected for paying your tuition fees
  • provide Student visa holders with further information on UK visas and immigration requirements 
You will also receive an email to confirm whether the automated confirmation of your enrolment to the Student Loans Company was successful or not (undergraduate UK students only).
Important Note: You will only be able to confirm your enrolment to the Student Loans Company 30 days before the start of your course. You can still complete the online enrolment process but please follow the instructions in the email you receive from us to ensure confirmation takes place.
Depending on the requirements of your subject, you may be asked to choose optional modules at the start of your course.

After you have completed enrolment

Upload your photo

The photo is required for your University card.
Please refer to your academic induction programme for details of where and when you can collect your University Card from your faculty teams. Note that you will need to bring ID along with you which should be one of the following:
  • Passport
  • Driving License
  • National ID Card
  • Birth certificate with Photo ID
Failure to provide a photo and complete enrolment will delay the production of your University card and access to areas such as the library. When uploading your photo, please make sure you follow the instructions (in particular, not to use the 'back' button on your browser to undo any changes you have made).
Uploading a photo is not required if you already have a University card (for example, because you were previously a student on another course or at a partner college).
Your University card will remain valid for the duration of your studies at the University of Plymouth.

Access your emails

To access your University email account, please visit and log in with your University of Plymouth computing account details.

Access to other University systems

You should check out the new students webpage.
After a period of 48 hours, you will be able to access the following University systems:

Having trouble?

Our frequently asked questions below are a good starting point if you experience problems or have a question about the enrolment system or process.
Please contact us if you still can't find the information you need.

How can I connect to Wi-Fi on campus?

If you are on a University campus, the University provides a free Wi-Fi service for guests.
How to connect to Guest Wifi UoP
1. Select 'Guest Wifi UoP' from the Wi-Fi connection options on your device.
2. 'Sign-in Required' message may appear. Select 'OK'.
3. You will be directed to the 'Connect with Plymouth University' page.
4. You will be asked to fill out your first name, last name, email address and agree to the terms and conditions. After you have completed this, click submit.
5. You should now be connected to the Wi-Fi.
If you do not have access to the internet, please contact Library and IT enquiries who will contact you to arrange a timed slot to assist you.

Can I complete enrolment after I arrive?

We strongly recommend that you complete enrolment in advance because this will give you time to work through the different steps at your own pace, resolve any queries which may arise, and access valuable course and University information.
New research degree students need to complete online enrolment no later than 15 days from the start of their programme.
International studentswill need to meet the requirements before completing online enrolment.

Why have I been asked to complete the Right to Study check?

This does not mean that we are querying your fee status or that the University has categorised you as an international student. However the University must take steps to check your documentation and any leave or other permissions you hold to legally study and remain in the UK for the duration of your studies. Find out more about meeting the requirements 
For more information, or if you have any queries, please contact

Can I complete enrolment without any confirmation of funding from the Student Loans Company?

The online payment screen gives you the option of confirming that fees will be paid by the Student Loan Company (SLC).If you have been sent your student support number by the SLC, please tell us the number in the Tuition Fee Notification Section of online enrolment. However this is not a mandatory field and you can proceed with enrolment without it. If your student support number is already populated, please do not overwrite or delete this.
You will receive an email to your University email account on completion of enrolment explaining what to do once you have your student support number from SLC.
Please note that if the Student Loans Company do not provide you with a tuition fee loan for any reason, or any other sponsorship you expect to have fails, you will become liable to pay the fees.

Why can’t I use my mobile number in emergency contact details?

Fortunately, the need for an emergency contact is rare, but if there is a serious problem and we need to make contact with the person you have nominated as your emergency contact, we need their number and not your own.

Can I update my details later if they change?

Yes, you can complete enrolment now using your current address and update your contact details at any time by:
  • Logging into your account
  • Navigating to the top of the screen and under 'additional details' select 'maintain contact details'.
If you are a Student visa (formerly Tier 4) holder, please remember that keeping your contact details updated is a requirement of your visa.