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Tuition fee costs

Undergraduate courses

For undergraduate courses, you will find the tuition fees in the fees, costs and funding section on the relevant course page.

Postgraduate taught programmes 

For postgraduate taught programmes, you will find the tuition fees in the fees, costs and funding section on the relevant course page.

Optional placement years

There is a tuition fee cost for an optional placement year.
The tuition fee for an optional placement year is different to the standard annual tuition fee and can vary.

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Paying for your tuition fees

We know that making large payments can be stressful, so we're always trying make things as easy as possible for our students.
We offer multiple ways to pay your tuition fees and the flexibility to pay up front or in instalments. You can choose the best method that suits you.

Student Fee Policy for the Ordinary Degree route

1. Overview
1.1 Students who undertake the Ordinary Degree route may not take more than 80 credits at Level 6. Students would normally not take the 40 credit project module (or equivalent).
2. Application
2.1 The Ordinary Degree is classed as a full time programme and the published fee for a full time undergraduate student will be charged. There will be no fee reduction or reimbursement of the fee for the 40 credit project module.
2.2 Students who successfully complete the Ordinary Degree have the option to top-up their award to an Honours Degree by undertaking the 40 credit project module (or equivalent). During the top up year students are classed as part-time and will be charged the published fee for undergraduate part-time study.
2.3 Please note that students who are applying for Student Finance should apply for full time support when studying the 80 credits and when studying the 40 credit project module (or equivalent) in the top up year.
2.4 Students who have valid extenuating circumstances for switching to the Ordinary Degree route will be eligible for a fee waiver for the top-up year but may be charged an administration fee.
Please contact your Faculty Office for further information.

Additional costs

Study costs

There are a number of additional study costs that students will experience at university, which will vary. These include paying for textbooks, printing, stationary, graduation, and certain field trips.
Students who undertake placements may also need to pay additional costs for travel.
Details of additional study costs are found in the fees, costs and funding section of each course page.

Living costs

Alongside study costs, there are also living costs to consider, including accommodation, food, laundry, bills, and socialising.
The University provides advice and guidance and has a range of services, facilities and support for students facing rising everyday costs.

Ways to fund your studies

There are many ways that you can get help with the costs of studying. Your options will depend on the type of student you are, what course you’re studying and where you’re from.
Find information on tuition fee loans, living cost loans and more.