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The eduroam service (education roaming) is an international WiFi service which enables you as a University of Plymouth student or member of staff to securely access the internet on campus, and while visiting other participating institutions using your University login credentials.

Connecting to eduroam

Users can quickly and easily configure their device to connect to eduroam by using the Eduroam Configuration Assistant Tool (CAT). To do so will require an initial Internet connection (e.g. using mobile data). Then follow these steps:
  • Use your web browser to go to
  • The web page should automatically select the correct configuration file for your device/operating system - e.g 'MS Windows 10'. If it does not show the correct name for your operating system, then click on the ''Choose another installer to download' link beneath it, and select the one suitable for your device.
  • Click on the link to download the installer.
  • For windows devices, open and run the installer. For other devices, you may need to save the installer, and then run it using the commands appropriate for your operating system.
  • In all cases, during installation please enter your main University of Plymouth email address as your username. For example, '', ''.
  • Once installed, you should either be automatically connected to eduroam, or be able to manually connect to it.

Eduroam connection setup guides

As an alternative to the above information, please use the relevant instructions in the guides below to connect your device to eduroam, the University's wireless network.