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The University is required by UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) to conduct a right-to-study check on every student who is not a British, Irish, Channel Islands or Isle of Man national. This is to demonstrate that they have the right-to-study in the UK and at the University of Plymouth (including University of Plymouth International College).
The University must keep a copy of these documents and check regularly for any updates to students’ immigration status. The right-to-study check is done before enrolment and at the start of every new stage of a student’s programme.
Students demonstrate their right to study by providing the University with copies of immigration documents and their passport through an online form. The documents a student must upload depend on the type of visa they hold or their immigration status in the UK.
The University will send students a right-to-study check form by email before the enrolment period. Students need to complete the form and upload clear scanned images of their documents, including the information page of their current passport.
Once a student's right-to-study check has been completed, they may enrol or re-enrol at the University of Plymouth.

Steps to take from arrival to enrolment

1. Arrive in the UK after the start date shown on your visa or in accordance with your immigration permission.
2. Upload your documents using the personalised link the University emails you. Check which documents you need to provide by selecting your immigration status, below. 
3. The University will check your right to study and email you when this has been completed.
4. Complete your enrolment promptly.*
*If you fail to complete enrolment within the University enrolment period or any given extension, the University is required to stop sponsoring your Student visa and report this to UKVI.  

Select your immigration status

Select the category that applies to you to see which documents you need to upload so that we can check your right to study.
If you are not certain which visa category applies to you, or are unsure about what you need to do, please contact us at

Completing your enrolment

Once you have completed the right-to-study check, we will contact you by email to confirm that you can complete your online enrolment, and will provide you with the link to this.
If there are any other steps you need to take, we will let you know. It is important that you complete online enrolment promptly when we have instructed you to do so. Once you have enrolled, you can participate in your programme induction sessions as required. Please also remember to register with the police where this is required.
If you fail to complete enrolment within the University enrolment period or any given extension, the University is required to stop sponsoring your Student visa and report this to UKVI. 

EU, EEA or Swiss nationals using an ID card to enter the UK

You will not be able to use an EU, EEA or Swiss national ID card to enter the UK from 1 October 2021 unless you:
The Government provides full details about visiting the UK as an EU, EEA or Swiss citizen.

Holders of dual nationality

The nationality you have entered on your UCAS form, or application form, is the official record of your nationality that you have provided to the University when submitting your application. We will ask you to complete the right-to-study check, where relevant, based on that nationality. 
Once you have enrolled, if you wish to change the nationality shown on your student record, you are welcome to ask your faculty to do this for you, but we will not change it before enrolment or the right-to-study check.
Being required to complete the right-to-study check does not affect your fee region and will not alter your fee assessment.
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Contact the UKVI Compliance Team

UKVI Compliance Team, Academic Registry, University of Plymouth, Drake Circus, Plymouth, PL4 8AA