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1. I am starting a new programme. How much am I required to pay for tuition fees?
The tuition fees specific to a course or programme are shown in the 'Fees, costs and funding' section of each undergraduate course and taught postgraduate programme web page. Please choose your course using the search box. 

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2. If I study on a part-time basis how do I calculate my fees?

You'll be charged only for the modules you undertake each academic year as agreed with your faculty. Each module attracts a specific number of credits and the fees are calculated for each 10 credits you undertake. Please bear in mind that the underlying per 10 credit fee tariff normally increases each academic year during your period of study. 

To find out the amount charged per 10 credits please visit the course or programme web page (see the answer to question 1 above).

4. I am a research student. What will my tuition fees be?You can find out by visiting our fees and funding page
5. How do I advise the University that I have a sponsor?
In most cases the sponsor will require an invoice from the University before they're able to pay. In order for the University to be able to issue this invoice, you must obtain and forward confirmation from your sponsor to the University.
You can obtain a letter on headed paper to include the following:
  • Your name 
  • Your university reference number
  • The full name of your programme of study
  • The amount of funding to be provided for the relevant academic year
  • A contact name, full postal address, telephone number and email address of the sponsor
  • Any purchase order number or a specific reference required by the sponsor.
Or you can download and complete our sponsor form
The letter/completed form should be emailed as soon as possible to
(If you have ELCAS funding, please e-mail your Claim Authorisation Note (CAN) to
Unless Student Records receive confirmation from your sponsor, you will be classed as a self-fee payer and expected to pay the tuition fee yourself. 
Please note that you remain liable for your tuition fee until your sponsor has fully paid.
6. My sponsor wants an invoice, what should I do?
In order for the University to be able to issue an invoice to your sponsor, you must obtain and forward confirmation of the agreement from your sponsor. Please follow the process described in question 5.
7. When does my sponsor need to pay by?
Once a sponsor has been invoiced, immediate payment is required. If the invoice is unpaid after two months we will contact you and ask that you chase up payment from the sponsor. If a sponsor ultimately fails to make payment the invoice to them will be cancelled and any/all of the outstanding tuition fee will be charged to you personally. You will remain liable for your tuition fees until such time as your sponsor has fully paid them. 
8. I am an enrolled student, currently studying, and my sponsor has retracted on our agreement. What happens now?
In the unfortunate event that a sponsor decides not to go ahead with your agreement then the responsibility for payment of tuition fees resides with you. You will be charged for any/all of the outstanding tuition fees. When you enrol with the University you are personally entering into a contract with the University, any agreement between a sponsor and yourself to cover tuition fees is between you and them and is not an agreement with the University. You will remain liable for your tuition fees until such time as your sponsor has fully paid them. For more information see our self-fee payer FAQs
9. I am thinking of withdrawing/interrupting my studies, how does this affect my tuition fee?
The University will apply its policy on tuition fees payable by students who withdraw or interrupt their studies. Please note: if you wish to interrupt or withdraw from your programme, you must do more than simply stop attending. You must advise your Faculty Office by submitting a withdrawal or interrupt study form. For further information please visit  student regulations, policies and procedures and view the links under student finance policies. 

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