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As a member of staff, a student or an associate of the University or our Partner Colleges, you'll be issued with a University card. This will allow you:
  • access to library facilities including borrowing, printing and photocopying
  • entrance to University buildings/rooms as appropriate (additional areas must be authorised)
  • proof of eligibility for joining our recreation services.


If you're a student, you'll need your card to:
  • hand in coursework
  • register attendance 
  • proof of ID for exams
  • hire necessary equipment from your faculty.


If you're a member of staff, your card can allow you access to:
Some doors on campus have a key/cylinder type lock. If you require access to any of these doors, you will need to apply for the relevant key via the key request form*.
If you need to transfer your key to another person, you need to complete a key transfer form*.


If you are an Associate/Visitor/Honorary member with the University, you may complete an associate application form*.
* the above applications must be authorised by a designated person. Please contact the Card Office for further information.

Getting your first card

As a new student you should upload a photo as soon as you've enrolled. Please refer to your academic induction programme for details of where and when you can collect your University card from your faculty teams.
Your University card will remain valid for the duration of your studies at the University of Plymouth.
New staff should email a jpeg head and shoulders photo to the Card Office for their card to be produced. 

Replacement cards

Inform the office immediately if your University card is lost. Replacements must be purchased using the eStore facility.
Please note:
  • A fee of £7.50 will be charged for lost cards and is non-refundable.
  • A fee of £10 is payable for replacement of lost keys.
Stolen cards
In order to have your card replaced free of charge:
  • contact the Card Office to arrange a time to attend an appointment
  • bring a police crime report number and proof of ID to your appointment.
Damaged or faulty cards 
In order to have your card replaced free of charge:
  • contact the Card Office to arrange a time to attend an appointment
  • bring your damaged or faulty card to your appointment.

Card Office

As well as issuing your University card, the Card Office also provides the following services:
  • access – card and keys
  • student lockers
  • staff parking permits
  • disabled student parking.
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