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Zaidia: saving lives on the streets of London

You go home and think ‘I could go to anything tomorrow’ – you could deliver a baby in the morning, attend a stabbing in the afternoon, and finish with someone that has a broken fingernail.

We are part of the emergency response team that helped to save the life of a man stabbed in the heart – only the second time in the country that someone has recovered from such a wound.

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Zaidia Hussain

Rachael: saving lives in the face of the death penalty

Alumni profile - Rachael Walsh

It can be difficult to sit in a room with someone, knowing what they stand accused of, and having seen the crime scene pictures. But it is part of the job. You cannot judge them by your own standards.

Welcome to our world as mitigation specialists, where the lives of our clients hang on our ability to find the human story behind the capital crime.

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Sara: saving lives during humanitarian crisis

Since graduating, I have published a paper in neuroscience, volunteered at the frontline of the Syrian, Afghan and Iraqi refugee crisis, and trained as a medical technologist in Jordan.

Humanitarian roles can be challenging but we are fuelled by the positive difference we make make to lives.

Our approach to global health

Sara Kawamura

Lianne: saving endangered animals’ lives

Lianne Ottewell visiting the bears

We received bears with abdominal tumours and infections, heart or liver disease, physical impairments, or mobility issues caused by years spent in cages.

Rehabilitation enclosures like the China Bear Rescue Centre help us to provide a safe haven, combining semi-natural rehabilitation areas with bamboo forest enclosures that are designed to provide the bears with a secure and stimulating environment.

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Lianne Ottewell
Cats matter too...
Lianne Ottewell
Lianne Ottewell

Ben: saving lives by improving mental health

My favourite part of the role is when you see clients’ lives improving. Placements can be emotionally draining, but when you see someone making steps in their recovery, improving the quality of their life, it is so rewarding. These moments remind you that you are making a worthwhile difference.

Mental health nursing degree

Men's health week - Ben Dobson