Student lifestyle and nightlife

Our large student population, active Students' Union, and abundance of student-led clubs and societies blend to create a busy and vibrant student scene. Clubs, bars, cafes, and live music, there's always something going on.
Explore Plymouth - top 15 best student city. Students enjoying a night out in a bar
View of the Barbican and Drake Circus shopping centre at night
The Barbican isn’t just the place to sample freshly caught fish – its chic bars and cosy cafes are the city’s prime location for mates, dates, and nights to remember
Royal William Yard at night
Find popular restaurants, bars, and galleries at Royal William Yard
Student life prime
Stay caffeinated at one of the many trendy independent cafes
2016 summer ball
Summer Ball sees the spirit of the festival brought to campus
Illuminate 2019
Late-night hangouts, festivals, open-air cinemas – Plymouth isn't a city that sleeps

Plymouth's maritime history and coastal location have an undeniable influence on life in the city. The walk from our main campus to the seafront is only about one mile, providing loads of opportunity to relax and unwind during your studies.

Plymouth is so beautiful and things like going paddle boarding, wild swimming and watching the sunrise by the sea are actually the best things ever. I love it so much!

Multi coloured shops line the cobbled streets of Plymouth's historic Barbican
Multi-coloured shops, cafes, bars, and galleries line the cobbled streets of Plymouth's historic Barbican

Plymouth is an intricate city filled with hidden gems such as antique shops, little cafes with reading corners and amazing food! My flatmates and I try to explore as much as possible, and it still feels like a little holiday every time.