We are campaigners

Nurdle: campaigning for healthier oceans and coastlines

The general mission of Nurdle is to create a genuine difference to our oceans, coastlines and associated wildlife.

We use specially designed trommels to sift the sand for microplastics, which leave the essential organic matter behind for the organisms and the strandline. An idea that started in a student accommodation kitchen is now starting to achieve an international impact.

We are fighting the coastal cause

Nurdle coasts
Nurdle coasts
Nurdle coasts

Alice: campaigning for a greener world for humans and animals alike

We already have the knowledge and technology to drastically reduce our emissions to help stop climate change. It’s about whether these resources are invested in and implemented in time.

7 questions with campaigner Alice

Alice Mosley, Plymouth Pioneer
Alice Mosley
Administering education in Uganda
Alice Mosley
Campaigning for climate change
Alice Mosley
Fighting for animal rights and conservation

Plymouth Law Clinic: campaigning for legal advice for the underdog

I’m passionate about helping the most vulnerable people in society who can't help themselves.

Our Law Clinic contributes to discussions in the city about how to help the most vulnerable Plymouth citizens – from the born and bred, to refugees. Our clinic team has expanded, we support the annual Hope Festival and we’re pushing to achieve sanctuary university status.

Luke Fisher, Plymouth Pioneer