A sea of stories

Discover what pulls people to a place called Plymouth

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Students look out over the Barbican
Dartmoor square
Student life coast wave
Student life barbican square

Across city and moor

“I live in Plymouth – this is my local university.

“I always had a dream of studying abroad.

“I’m South African, born in Johannesburg.

“I was born and raised in Jersey.

“I came from Zimbabwe.

“I was captivated by the vastness of the ocean.

“London can feel isolated. You can feel quite alone. I can’t say the same about Plymouth.

“I felt connected to the University even before I received my offer.

“In a way, I feel Plymouth actually chose me.

“I fell in love with the ‘feeling’ Plymouth gave me.

and neighbouring sea

“I am a beach baby who loves the countryside.

“Love the campus being so central to the city.

“With the sea on one side and Dartmoor on the other.

“Finding a spot by the sea, listening to the waves.

“Taking the time out to breathe and think is so powerful.

“You can do so much without having to stray too far from the heart of the city.

“Getting to anywhere is an absolute dream.

Plymouth connects

“People say hello. They’re really friendly. Such a great community feel.

“I feel like a big sister to the new students.

“I met my best friend at an open day.

“I've had so many unforgettable moments.

“I made great friends from all over the world.

“Living in halls gave me wisdom.

“So refreshing to be around others studying completely different subjects.

“Staff know you very well. All so approachable. So friendly.

“Such great networking opportunities.

“It feels like everyone knows everyone in Plymouth.

you and me

“You're encouraged to push the boundaries.

“To always try something new, something different.

“It gave me confidence to challenge preconceptions and expand my practice.

“I grabbed as many opportunities I could, and ran with them...

“Studying here helped my art grow in so many ways I did not think were possible.

“It made me see things globally and dream bigger.

“To follow your passions and not be bound by what you, or others, think you should be doing.

“The course gave me the courage to be authentic – to me that’s important.

“It focused me. Who I am and what I can offer to the world.

“Plymouth helped me to learn to adapt to different situations.

“Knowing what you learn will help you in your career.

Plymouth welcomes your passions. Diversity and creativity, curiosity and entrepreneurship, are at the heart of our city.

When you live in Plymouth and study with us, you are part of a vibrant community at the city's centre. A city close to the sea and rivers, surrounded by moorland and beaches, Plymouth is a canvas splashed with special elements that inspire special ideas.

A natural harmony is always at play, where the city inspires us, and we inspire the city.

Plymouth reflects you – a unique part of our unique city.

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The abridged quotes were all made in Plymouth.

Many thanks to the current students and our alumni, whose quotes inspired the above sea of stories – just a few across a vast ocean of them.