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Choosing a university that is right for you is a big decision. 
Our current students are here to share their own experiences to help you with all of the queries that might come up when you’re thinking about applying to university. 

Top questions to ask

  • ; Do you have any tips for budgeting your student loan?
  • ; What is it like living in halls?
  • ; How did you meet your friends?
  • ; What is there to do in Plymouth?
  • ; Is it easy to get a part time job?
  • ; Would you recommend your course?
  • ; What are the support services like?
  • ; Is there help to plan your career after uni?
  • ; Could you give me some tips on choosing between your offers?

Unibuddy is a great way for prospective students to connect and interact with current students and get information on all aspects of uni life in a quick, easy and informal way! The blog platform also gives more in-depth insights into various aspects of student life which you may not have thought to ask about.

Christian, BSc (Hons) Geology 
<p>Christian, BSc (Hons) Geology <br></p>

Feedback from prospective students

  • { “It’s super helpful to have someone tell me about the course. I will definitely ask more later!”
  • { “It’s great to hear how much support there is.”
  • { “I really appreciate the advice – it's super insightful.”