Plymouth Business School's partnership with CMI

Study smarter with ManagementDirect.

Knowledge is power. With ManagementDirect not only are you equipped with the latest management and leadership news, guidance and best practice, but with one central learning resource, you can study efficiently.

  • Undertake a ‘learning journey’ of content, aligned to set themes or your own objectives
  • Gain 24/7 access from any PC, tablet or mobile device
  • Access thousands of resources to suit and support different learning styles, including articles, videos, checklists, e-learning and e-books
As a Plymouth Business School student you can access ManagementDirect for free!

ManagementDirect is a great tool to help you with your study!

Packed with content, ManagementDirect is designed to support structured learning.

You can create and access playlists of content on core management skills or topics.

In addition you can choose the topic of study and at your fingertips is a mini-course, collected and collated to provide you with a coherent learning experience that can be completed in your own time.

What is more, the in-built CPD facility offers a structured framework to improve and evidence professional development; ideal for performance reviews and job interviews. All your activity in ManagementDirect is automatically recorded in your CPD profile.

Victoria Hurth

"CMI membership offers you a whole range of benefits that can really enhance your learning – both in terms of course content and employability capabilities. For example, ManagementDirect provides an opportunity to tailor make a learning journey based on some of the best management literature and other insights. As well as enhancing your personal journey, demonstrating to future employers that you have gone beyond your course to develop your management capabilities will really help you stand out from the crowd."

Victoria Hurth, Associate Professor in Marketing and Sustainability