Faculty of Business students in the Bloomberg Interactive Learning Suite
The Bloomberg Interactive Learning Suite offers Plymouth Business School students the opportunity to learn how to analyse the markets, assess economic scenarios and interpret key news developments that might impact the global economy.
With access to exclusive stories as they break, students can follow and interpret the market-moving events that finance and business professionals rely on to stay informed and make critical financial decisions. 
The suite allows students to research fields such as corporate finance, derivative markets, portfolio and risk analytics, real time data and investment simulations. Using the latest technology, the students are able to undertake real world learning which both deepens their research and enriches coursework. It enables them to develop their analytical skills, enhance their decision making using real time data and prepares students for a challenging employment marketplace.

Bloomberg terminals

The suite holds 11 Bloomberg terminals available for student use seven days a week, plus large screen TVs which allow sessions to take place and for the classes to be held for students to learn and engage with the software available.
The terminals allow students the opportunity to take an introductory course, called the ‘Bloomberg Market Concepts’ - this online course guides students through with videos and questions throughout. All of the available courses are created and awarded by the Bloomberg Institute allowing students to add this onto their CV and be provided with a certificate of completion.
Mathew Cartwright

The Bloomberg terminals can increase your skills as you can learn and study a system which is used within large multinational organisations and financial institutions. Access to such software at university allows one to learn and develop essential analytical skills required for a career in such a fast-paced environment. You can practice with virtual investment portfolios to fully experience, learn and reflect on decisions and the outcomes. When looking for a career in the financial markets, access to and experience in such decisions is key to stand out from the crowd.The most interesting and beneficial aspect of the whole Bloomberg system is the sheer amount of real data and accurate information available which is priceless when completing real-world business case studies!

Mathew Cartwright, Plymouth Business School student

Our suite helps to bridge the gap between the hypothetical and the practice, with students having the opportunity to apply academic theories to decision making through real world scenarios. It also enables them to work towards Bloomberg’s self-certification programme whereby students can in their own time work towards a certificate in Bloomberg proficiency. Irrespective of their future careers, attaining the certificate will enhance student employability.

Magdalena KochanowiczMagdalena Kochanowicz
Project Manager of the Bloomberg Trading Floor

Bloomberg Interactive Learning Suite