Institute of Health and Community

Welcome to the University of Plymouth’s Institute of Health and Community (IHC) a multi-disciplinary Institute with a vibrant research culture and a focus on innovation and client-focused research. The key areas of research below define the scope of the Institute and reflect our expertise, scholarly interests and passions:

  • applied health including developing and evaluating health care for vulnerable groups, patient care, rehabilitation including quality and safety 
  • workforce 
  • public health, health promotion and wellbeing 
  • eHealth and technology
  • societal and global health challenges 
  • methodological skills
  • lifelong learning and social justice.

Members of the IHC come from a diverse range of disciplines including clinical academics, health and social care practitioners, academics, education and public services. The IHC has 12 research groups, facilitating inter-discipline and cross-faculty research. In addition, we are home to four forums/initiatives in collaboration with the NHS, local authority and charities and businesses: South West Clinical Schools, Public Health Forum, Global Collaboration Initiative and the University of Plymouth Centre for Innovations in Health and Social Care; a Joanna Briggs Institute Centre of Excellence.

We work closely with the University of Plymouth’s Cognition Institute, the Institute of Translational and Stratified Medicine and The Arts Institute in jointly developing funding bids, publishing and in hosting training and conferences.

Throughout the year, the IHC runs a wide range of events and seminar series focused on wide-ranging topics including the development of complex interventions, methodological issues, nutrition, education, masterclasses in vision, and Global Health cafés. 

Our events are open to all, advertised on our web pages and we warmly invite you to come and participate. 

Jill Shawe

Some of our ongoing research...


A novel intervention for supporting prisoners with common mental health problems to achieve their goals.

University and peer researchers have developed a system of care that aims to help people in prison, leading up to and following release. We want to know how well this package of care is working and whether it can be improved.

Find out more about the Engager project

Global Health Collaborative

Created in 2016, the Global Health Collaborative (GHC) represents the coming together of individuals and organisations with an interest in global health issues.

Through innovation and partnership working, the GHC uses its collective expertise in clinical education, research and social engagement to further the understanding of global health challenges and to build resilience into health promotion and disease prevention programmes worldwide.

Find out more about the Global Health Collaborative


This NIHR funded Programme aims to help primary care and community based mental health services work more closely together by developing a system of collaborative care based in GP surgeries for people with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.

Find out more about the PARTNERS2 project

South West Clinical Schools

The Clinical Schools are a collaboration between the University of Plymouth and NHS Trusts working with nurses, midwives, and allied health professionals at all stages of their clinical and academic development.

Our work with local health services has identified the urgent need to capture improvements in patient and family outcomes, as well as ensure that existing evidence is used to best effect and increase the amount of research led by non-medical health professionals. 

To meet these needs, we have invested in Clinical Schools, which are professorial-led centres, in five of our local NHS Trusts.

Find out more about the South West Clinical Schools project


This trial aims to assess whether additional support via Health Trainers is effective in improving the health behaviours and well-being of people receiving community supervision. 

It offers the possibility of a new and cost-efficient way of engaging a group of people that are seldom reached and frequently have multiple and complex needs. 

Building health and wellbeing can have a wide range of additional benefits, including an improved chance of finding work or training, perhaps reduce offending and becoming more integrated with mainstream society.

Find out more about the STRENGTHEN project

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