Plymouth, UK: Marina Drone Photos, credit: Drone Motion Stock, courtesy of ShutterstockCentre for Systems Thinking lead image
The Centre for Systems Thinking: Ocean, Land and Society champions a whole-system transdisciplinary approach to solutions-oriented research. As ambassadors, we promote understanding and improving complex issues by viewing and addressing the whole of the problem, and train our students to be the next generation of system thinkers.
The centre brings together an unrivalled critical mass of catchment-coast-ocean expertise from across the University’s Strategic Research Institutes to improve planetary health. Typically scientists – natural and social – come together with health, arts and humanities researchers, government, industry and communities, to address 21st century challenges alongside national and international policy. Working in such an interconnected way we can facilitate, and lead, collaborations to co-create large-scale, lasting and nature-positive sustainable solutions that equally support better economic and societal outcomes alongside local to global priorities.

Centre for Doctoral Training in Sustainable Management of UK Marine Resources (CDT SuMMeR)

Designed to deliver the next generation of innovative transdisciplinary engaged researchers, solution providers and practitioners needed to support governmental and non-governmental sectors to ensure sustainable management of our marine resources.
Find out about research and funded PhD scholarships with the Centre for Doctoral Training in Sustainable Management of UK Marine Resources (CDT SuMMeR) 

Public Policy

Providing evidence to support policy-making processes
The University of Plymouth has a prestigious record of engaging with and influencing policy, from legislation on microplastics, to innovation in offshore renewable energy to the health of coastal communities. We work with local, regional, national and international partners across a range of complex policy issues including soil erosion, anti-microbial resistance and digital interventions for Parkinsons’ sufferers.

Centre leads

For further information about the Centre for Systems Thinking, or to collaborate with us, please contact Mel Austen.