Jayne Buchanan

PhD Researcher, Art History

Jayne Buchanan

Jayne Buchanan, PhD Art History

My research considers the ability of art to memorialise conflict through representations of the soldier (funded by a Histories, Memorialisation and Memories Research Studentship). Building on studies examining art during the First and Second World Wars, I focus on the period 1980-1994, in which the Falklands War, the Gulf War and the Bosnian War occurred. I combine visual, stylistic and iconographic analysis, archival research and interviews to explore the commissioned works produced by Linda Kitson, Peter Howson and John Keane and consider how their interpretation of the soldier re-frames mass-media narratives of war as they joined the legacy of war artists employed by the Imperial War Museum.

In conjunction with my PhD I also have research interest in the impact of art in the regeneration of communities affected by conflict and the role of art and memory. 

Contact: Jayne.Buchanan@plymouth.ac.uk