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The Coastal Marine Applied Research (CMAR) consultancy aims to support the appropriate management of coastal, marine and estuarine resources and activities, focusing on coastal processes and marine physics to understand and predict the behaviour of these environment systems. 

We have extensive experience working with national and international organisations and policymakers to provide expert guidance and bespoke analysis. This is underpinned by the world-leading research from the University’s Coastal Processes Research Group and offers you a gateway to wider academic and technical expertise. 

We provide a first-class data collection, analysis and modelling service tailored to your needs, helping to address important issues in the coastal and marine environment and enhancing the current methods of maintaining and protecting these locations.

Our specialisms:

  • The collection, analysis and interpretation of air-, land- and sea-based coastal survey data

  • Numerical modelling of coastal processes and marine physics

  • Making in-situ measurements of hydrodynamics (waves, currents and tides) and sediment transport processes in coastal, estuarine, nearshore and shallow marine environments, and conducting advanced analysis and interpretation of these data

  • Providing expert, research-informed advice on physical issues in the coastal zone

World-leading research expertise

The breadth of collective expertise and advanced equipment base available through CMAR is unique in the UK. 

As part of the University’s Marine Institute, we are embedded in an interdisciplinary hub of research spanning marine ecology and conservation, sea-bed mapping, marine physics coastal geography, policy experts, environmental psychology and beyond. 

The consultancy operates closely with the University’s Coastal Processes Research Group, the largest group of coastal researchers in the UK that have an international reputation as leading experts in recording and predicting coastal behaviour, through pioneering fieldwork and developing ground-breaking numerical models. 

We frequently work with the Marine Physics Research Group, COAST Engineering Group, and colleagues in the Sustainable Earth Institute, as well as partners in our extensive network of collaborating organisations and universities.

Work with us

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Industry collaborations

If you are looking for support with how best to manage or protect a coastal, marine or estuarine environment, our team are on hand to discuss the challenges you’re facing and how we can help you address them. 

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Project collaborations

Looking to broaden your commercial projects experience and apply your research to real-world challenges? CMAR welcomes your expertise and will handle every aspect of project management so you can focus on the research.

Learn how collaborating with CMAR could benefit your research

Student or recent graduate?

CMAR has a small number of internships available each year, providing hands-on industry level experience with data analysis and field work. If you have a marine or coastal science background and experience in analysing complex data sets, get in touch with a CV to find out more.

Consultancy team

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Contact the Coastal Marine Applied Research group

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