CMAR - Coastal Marine Applied Research

About us

Coastal Marine Applied Research (CMAR) is a research-informed consultancy group focusing on coastal processes and marine physics. We are based in the School of Biological and Marine Sciences at Plymouth University, south west UK, and aim to provide a first-class data collection, analysis and synthesis service to help address important issues in the coastal and marine environment. We strive to understand and predict the behaviour of coastal, marine and estuarine systems to support the appropriate management of resources and activities in these environments.

CMAR specialises in: 

  • The collection, analysis and interpretation of air-, land- and sea-based coastal survey data.
  • Making in-situ measurements of hydrodynamics (waves, currents and tides) and sediment transport processes in coastal, estuarine, nearshore and shallow marine environments, and conducting advanced analysis and interpretation of these data.
  • Providing expert, research-informed advice on physical issues in the coastal zone.
  • Numerical modelling of coastal processes and marine physics.

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Coastal Marine Applied Research (CMAR) is unique in that we can draw on the expertise of a large collection of internationally recognised researchers, specifically, in Plymouth University's Coastal Processes Research Group (CPRG) and Marine Physics Research Group (MPRG), as well as other academics within the University's Marine Institute (MI) and other collaborating universities.  Combine this with a dedicated consultancy team and the result is a data collection and analysis service where academic rigour and timely delivery are the first priorities.

Consultancy team

Contact the Coastal Marine Applied Research group

School of Biological and Marine Sciences, Reynolds Building 119, Plymouth University, Drake Circus, Plymouth, Devon PL4 8AA