CMAR - Coastal Marine Applied Research: Services

We aim to provide a first-class data collection, analysis and synthesis service focused on coastal processes and marine physics, including:

  • Expert knowledge, interpretation and application of relevant coastal science to support, inform, review or actively lead any coastal projects. 
  • Specialist training in coastal processes, data collection and analysis methodologies, as well as hiring out specialist equipment. 
  • Collection of morphological data, including RTK-GPS surveys, single- and multi-beam bathymetric surveys, terrestrial LiDAR scans, and hydrographic survey involving side-scan sonar and sub-bottom profiler.
  • Deployment of coastal equipment for measuring coastal water levels, waves, tides, currents and sediment transport processes using a wide range of devices, including offshore deployment of directional wave buoys.
  • Deployment of oceanographic equipment for measuring stratification, ocean mixing, seabed mobility, ocean currents using a wide range of devices, including offshore deployment of Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler.
  • Analysis of coastal morphological and oceanographic data using suite of software, including ARC-GIS (spatial data), Matlab (large data sets), Fledermaus/QINSy (multibeam data), Cyclone (point cloud data analysis).
  • Numerical modelling of coastal morphodynamics over a range of time scales, including wave modelling (SWAN, DELFT3D, MIKE21), ocean dynamics (GOTM), coastal response (XBeach, XBeach-G), long-term coastal change (SHORFOR). Most of these models are either developed or modified in-house, and are state of the art.