A diverse group of people studying on campus using books, paper and and tablets
If you want to come and have a chat please email us to make an appointment.
Appointments are generally available Monday to Friday between 10:00–11:30 and 14:00–15:30 on a pre-arranged basis.
The University of Plymouth accepts students for either the whole academic year or for one semester through our Bilateral agreements and ISEP. We also accept self-funding students, known as Freemovers, who wish to study at the University of Plymouth for one or two semesters outside of any agreement. We accept students into the following schools, spaces and subject areas being limited in some.

Choosing your modules (classes)

To find modules available to you please visit Courses and degree subject areas and follow the links to the degree programme in which you are interested.
Open-up the “Course details” for a list of outline descriptions of the modules in that programme.
Select the “Programme Specification” link at the bottom of the list to see (Section 6: Programme Structure) their credits and in which semester they are taught.
You can study up to 120 Plymouth credits (60 ECTS) per academic year or 60 (30 ECTS) per semester.

Module levels 

Modules are more specialised the higher their level.
Level Year Stage
Undergraduate 4 Sophomore 1
5 Junior 2
6 Senior 3
Postgraduate 7 1
Level 4 modules are introductory and are best suited to students without a background in the subject.
Level 5 modules deal with the subject in much greater detail and should be appropriate for students in their second or third year of higher education. Specific prerequisites can sometimes be a condition for enrolment on these modules.
Level 6 modules require extensive background knowledge before the module begins and therefore should only be taken by students with the prerequisite knowledge.
We recommend that you choose from one degree programme and one level. In some cases, this is a condition of acceptance (for example, Biological Sciences). Choosing modules across degree programmes and levels may lead to timetable clashes. Modules may also be cancelled due to under-subscription or closed due to over-subscription. Your module choices are, therefore, not confirmed until you arrive at the University of Plymouth.
Please make your initial choice of modules on your application form including reserve modules in case you are not be able to study all your first choices. You will be able to speak to the Global Opportunities team and to our Academic Exchange Advisors to confirm your modules during your first week.