A member of the University of the Third Age mentoring a University of Plymouth student.
U3A members have access to a variety of educational, creative and leisure opportunities in a friendly environment. This prevents isolation and delivers enormous health and wellbeing benefits and we promote the benefits of membership to retiring University staff.
Through our partnership with the Plymouth U3A we provide access to lectures, tours, events and facilities, and deliver bespoke presentations to members, including talks from academic experts, and representatives from key University partners, such as the National Marine Aquarium. Our students support U3A members with the use of new technology and social media.
In turn our U3A partners have added value to both the student and staff experience at Plymouth, by:
  • supporting international students with their English language skills, through the Languages Café and intercultural exchanges
  • helping both home and international students who are new to Plymouth
  • providing career mentoring for students and participating in activities designed to enhance student employability
  • receiving and critiquing student presentations
  • taking part in research projects, from dry eye research and statistical literacy, to perceptions of the legal system and investigating the effects of ageing upon motor co-ordination and antibiotic resistance.

Get involved

The Plymouth U3A governance structure includes a dedicated University liaison officer and specialist subject coordinators who unlock opportunities in subjects, such as arts and culture, health and wellbeing, science and technology, and languages. Regular communications and monthly steering group meetings ensure further development of this mutually beneficial partnership. 
Plymouth U3A meet the second Monday of every month and there is a ten minute slot for the University available at each meeting, which can be used for University staff and students to address the audience.
For general enquiries and for queries about partnership opportunities please email uniliaison@plymouthu3a.org.uk.
Find out more at the U3A in Plymouth website.
U3A members on campus
U3A members enjoying University events
Plymouth U3A using our DSRTP walking book 'Moor to Sea Without the Car' 
U3A supporting international students

Events at the University of Plymouth

There are also opportunities for the U3A community to engage in a wide range of in-person or online University activities. See our events calendar for forthcoming events that might be of interest.
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