Children's University

Children’s University is an amazing project where you can get rewarded for having fun!

Collect stamps in your Passport to Learning for each hour of an activity that you do, and when you get 30 we will give you a bronze certificate! Collect 65 and we will give you a silver certificate. Get all the way up to 100 and we will give you a gold certificate, and not just that, but we will invite you and your family along to the University of Plymouth where you will graduate.

Don’t stop there though. You can collect awards and certificates right up to 1000 hours!

As well as certificates we also have CU Badges that you will receive with your certificates. Wear them to school and show off your achievements.

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About Children's University

Children's University is a national initiative. Children can go to different activities, workshops or sessions outside of school hours through the programme. For every activity they attend, they get a stamp in their passport to learning, which in turn add up to bronze, silver and gold certificates.

Children are presented with their certificate qualifications in school and once they reach a gold level, they are invited to a graduation ceremony, held annually at The University of Plymouth to celebrate their achievements.


David Lawrence Jones

Join David for a reading of Cub's Adventure, a story about going on a journey for a Children’s University passport of learning.
Over the past 15 years, David has produced stories to capture the imagination of both children and adults. His first novel was published in 2009 and he is well renowned for the popular book series, Bradley Baker adventures. He visits as many primary schools as possible throughout the UK to share his love of literacy.

Dr Jodie Fisher

Jodie has a passion for communicating science and has lead numerous workshops for Children’s University about fossils, minerals, dinosaurs and volcanoes, as well as geoscience sessions for schools.
She was the co-founder of the Girls into Geoscience running an annual event and activities.
Dr Jodie Fisher
Children's University award badge