Postgraduate Research Degrees

Find out everything you need to know about the range of postgraduate research degrees and current studentships offered by the Plymouth University Peninsula School of Medicine and Dentistry.

Research Masters (ResM)

A Research Masters is a masters level degree which incorporates taught elements and an extended research phase, including research project and dissertation, governed by research degree regulations. The degree is generic and can apply in any discipline across the University.

Duration: one-two years full time, two-three years part time. 

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Master of Philosophy (MPhil)

For this award you will need to have demonstrated to examiners your ability to undertake an appropriate research programme or to produce a critical analysis of existing knowledge in a defined field. Much of the study undertaken at masters level will have been at, or informed by, the forefront of an academic or professional discipline. You will have shown originality in the application of knowledge, and you will understand how the boundaries of knowledge are advanced through research. You will be able to deal with complex issues both systematically and creatively, and you will show originality in tackling and solving problems.

Duration: two-three years full time or three-four years part time.

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

PhD research makes a contribution to the current knowledge of a subject and should be worthy of publication in whole or part. Doctorates are awarded for the creation and interpretation of knowledge, which extends the forefront of a discipline, usually through original research. Holders of doctorates will be able to conceptualise, design and implement projects for the generation of significant new knowledge and/or understanding. Holders of doctorates will have the qualities needed for employment requiring the ability to make informed judgements on complex issues in specialist fields, and innovation in tackling and solving problems.

Duration: usually three-four years full time or four-six years part time

Doctor of Medicine (MD)

Similar to the PhD Doctor of Medicine (MD) is a research degree available with the Peninsula School of Medicine and Dentistry for qualified doctors registered with the GMC and working in a clinical setting within the UK. The degree can be undertaken part time alongside clinical commitments. As well as undertaking research the degree offers a range of professional skills courses designed to support your degree and personal development.

Duration: two years full time or three years part time