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Graduate insight

Having a fascination with the experience of being human and the reasoning behind why people do the things they do, studying psychology seemed like a clear option for Kezz Keogh.
“How can a song elicit similar emotions in people regardless of the language spoken? Why do we dream? What drives the decisions that we make?”
Over time, Kezz’s curiosity in psychology became enmeshed with her lifelong love of nature. This evolved into a deep interest in the human relationship with the natural environment, and she chose to explore this during her undergraduate degree, taking in a placement at Dartmoor Zoo, and then later on her masters.
Kezz Keogh, BSc Psychology and MSc Advanced Psychology

“Reflecting back on my time at Plymouth, I can say my experiences greatly influenced my career. During my studies, I had many opportunities to be involved in world-class research through summer research apprenticeships and academic industrial placements.”

Aneta Nastaj

Facilities within the School of Psychology

Within the School of Psychology, we are committed to shaping our students into the best psychologists and professionals they can be. Our state-of-the-art facilities and equipment will help students maximise their potential and develop their core skills. Our range of practical activities in a range of specialist facilities are embedded throughout our courses, enabling you to put your new knowledge in practice.
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Our research expertise

83% of school activity was judged to be of world leading or internationally excellent standard, placing us within the top 20 psychology, neuroscience and psychiatry schools across the country (REF2014).
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