School of Psychology facilities

Specialist laboratories

We have 22 specialist laboratories which can be booked by students and staff. Labs range from single participant rooms through to labs with a range of networked or standalone computers and social interaction or group participation rooms. Specialist laboratories include:

  • sound-proof cubicles with a range of stimulus equipment
  • computer laboratories, networked and capable of running custom developed experimental software
  • facilities for brain imaging, electrophysiology, and psychophysiology
  • a virtual reality laboratory with 3D modelling software, helmet and 4x position tracking equipment
  • social labs with table or soft seating and camera recording equipment for observation
  • developmental laboratory with full video recording facilities for use with infants and children
  • information room – here you'll find specific information and resources that you will need for your course including articles, offprints and past papers not held in the University library.

Equipment available for loan

There is a wide range of equipment available for loan from the technical office, including:

  • sound recording and transcribing equipment
  • video and digital still cameras
  • heart rate monitors
  • timing equipment
  • a wide range of stimulus and recording equipment
  • specialist custom written software.
The school is supported by a team of programmers who produce custom packages to support experiments. Many final year projects use new or specially adapted software and the technical office is available to support these students, in addition to staff and researcher experiments requiring specific software.

We also design and build a wide range of sensors and interface devices for use in experimental research – we enjoy a challenge, and the technical office is here to help staff and students alike.

Additional facilities

The school also has access to both ERP and fMRI equipment for use in research. We can respond very flexibly to incoming research projects with special requirements, and have a wide pool of participants we can call on for experiments.