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Applications for 2020 entry

The UCAS application deadline for 2020 entry is Wednesday 15 January 2020.

Personal statement help, meeting entry requirements, funding study, and what to expect during the application process – discover all you need to know about applying to the University of Plymouth.

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New students will have to adapt to life in a new city, live in accommodation with other new students, and settle into a new home from home.

Our University-managed halls of residence provide a safe environment so they can fully embrace their student experience.

The transition from home to halls can be daunting, but our accommodation team prides itself on supporting new students before, during and after their arrival.

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How much does university cost?
What help is there?

“Ignore newspaper headlines about students leaving university with £50,000 of debt. That’s a mostly meaningless figure. What counts is how much you’ll repay.”

Martin Lewis
Journalist, television presenter and founder of

We believe in giving students from all backgrounds the opportunity to invest in their future. From tuition fees and repayment terms to information on funding support available through loans, grants, bursaries and scholarships, find out more in our helpful guide.

Financial support

Find the right course

We understand that finding that single perfect course from thousands of options is much harder than selecting four A level subjects from a limited list.

Because of this, we encourage applicants to hone in on a broad subject area and to then research University course webpages thoroughly to start to build a picture of what distinguishes one course against another.

Open days also offer a great way for applicants to confirm that they have found the right course or to learn something new about previously overlooked courses.

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Communication made easier

As key deadlines approach, it’s likely that your family member will have questions about their application, open day events, courses and the University in general.

Picking up the phone and talking to someone directly isn’t practical for everyone so we’ve made communication easier by providing a WhatsApp chat service.

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Want all the answers to your questions in one place?

We’ve compiled a helpful downloadable guide to the essential information you’ll need if you’re supporting someone through their application.

Download a parents’ mini guide (PDF)