Managing debt

We all run into financial difficulties from time to time and, as a student on a limited income, you may find being in debt particularly difficult to deal with. 

Outstanding debts can be very stressful and upsetting, which can affect your ability to study. If you feel money worries are affecting your studies or that you're very stressed by your situation come and talk to someone in Student Services. 

Or visit our counselling pages to find out how to cope with the stress.

Dealing with debt

The most important thing to remember is not to ignore the problem. Debts won't go away and the longer you ignore it, the worse it’s likely to get. 

As soon as you think you're in debt, seek help. 

The UPSU advice centre can give you free professional debt advice.

Some steps you can take to make things easier:

  • Talk to the people you owe money to. Tell them you're having difficulties and are taking steps to sort the problem out. Your creditors will often accept smaller repayment amounts or agree to freeze interest or charges. If you owe the University money (e.g. for accommodation or tuition fees), speak to someone in the relevant department straight away.
  • Check you've received all of the student loan/grant you are entitled to. If you need help with this come and talk to us in the Student Funding Unit.
  • Make sure you've worked out a realistic budget so that you're able to cope with your outgoings.
  • Think about ways you might maximise your income e.g. by getting a job.

Other useful websites for expert advice: