Coffee and Cake
The University of Plymouth cafes offer delicious afternoon deals to all guests; a great way to keep motivated at the end of the day. Whether you are studying with friends, holding a meeting or simply feeling like something sweet, these deals are for you.
Terms and conditions apply.

  • Any hot drink. 
  • A wide variety of cakes are on offer from flapjacks to muffins to brownies with seasonal specials being added throughout the year.

Morning deals


Start your day with a traditional breakfast where you can mix and match cooked items to create the ultimate bap or wrap, or full-English breakfast. To make our low-cost option even better, we also include a free hot drink when you order 4 items. Available in Drake's Kitchen, RLB Cafe, The Toast Office and John Bull Cafe until 11:30.
Two-item baps are also available in Cookworthy Cafe, Babbage Bytes and InterCity Plates for £4.25 including water, regular tea, Americano or filter coffee. 
Prices are displayed for students, staff and visitors and are subject to VAT. Regular sized filter coffee or tea is available. Excludes syrups and extra shots.
Breakfast in Drake's Kitchen 

Pastry offer 

Start your day with a pastry and hot drink for only £3.25 in Drake's Kitchen, John Bull Cafe, InterCity Plates, Babbage Bytes and Cookworthy Cafe.
Valid until 11:30. Regular coffee or tea only in Drake's Kitchen, John Bull Cafe, InterCity Plates, Babbage Bytes and Cookworthy Cafe. Hot drinks exclude hot chocolates, mochas, syrups, extra shots and alternative milk. 

Starbucks pastry offer 

Start your day with a pastry and hot drink for only £3.25 in Loafers Deli.
Valid until 11:30. Tall Starbucks coffee or tea valid in Loafers Deli. Hot drinks exclude hot chocolates, mochas, macchiato, syrups, extra shots, and alternative milk. 

Afternoon deals

Coffee and a cake for £3.50

Reward yourself for your hard work by handpicking one of our cakes to accompany a regular hot drink. 
Offer available:
The Toast Office from 14:00
Reservoir Cafe from 14:00
InterCity Plates from 14:30
RLB Cafe from 14:30
Drake's Kitchen  from 14:30
Cookworthy Cafe from 14:30
John Bull Cafe from 14:30
Portland's Pizzeria from 15:00
Library Cafe from 15:00
The Container Cafe from 15:00
The offer includes any available cake and a regular iced or hot coffee drink. Excludes hot chocolates, mochas, syrups, additional coffee shots and alternative milk.

2-4-1 hot drinks

Catch up with your peers or colleagues in one of our cosy cafes or treat your friend to a drink during your next lecture.  
Our drink selection includes barista coffees, speciality teas and delectable hot chocolates – in the afternoon, this is an offer you don’t want to miss.
Offer valid in:
InterCity Plates from 14:30
RLB Cafe from 14:30
Drake's Kitchen from 14:30–17:00
Reservoir Cafe from 14:30
John Bull Cafe from 14:30
Cookworthy Cafe from 14:30
Babbage Bytes from 14:30 
Any regular hot drink, cheapest drink is free. Excludes syrups, additional coffee shots and alternative milk. 

Loyalty points information

We have installed a new till system in all our units across campus.
We are working hard in the background to bring you a brand-new app-based loyalty programme with new offers and deals! 
Just a reminder that the hot drink loyalty points offer utilising your staff and student card is no longer valid, payment via these methods is no longer accepted.
Coffee and pastry


We take pride in our commitment to sustainability by sourcing our coffee beans responsibly. Our beans come from trusted suppliers like Matthew Algie, who provide us with triple-certified beans (Fairtrade organic, and Rainforest Alliance), ensuring ethical and environmentally friendly practices. Additionally, we work with Owens Coffee, a local roaster located just 11.8 miles from our campus, to further support our community and reduce our carbon footprint. 
Explore our range of teas, each carefully selected to uphold our values of fairness and sustainability. Whether you prefer Fairtrade, Organic, or teas from the Ethical Tea Partnership, and to sweeten the deal, all our teas are accompanied by Fairtrade sugar, ensuring that every sip supports ethical practices.
Fairtrade stamp printed on linen sack