Coastal Processes Research Group (CPRG) – people

Within the Coastal Processes Research Group there are a number of researchers that are directly involved with research and consultancy projects. 

The group has a membership comprising eight academics, five post-doctoral researchers, eight PhD students and two scientific officers. We also work extensively with researchers in Europe and elsewhere.

Since 2006, members of the Coastal Processes Research Group have received external funding in excess of £6 million, published over 100 papers in refereed journals. We also have an established equipment base valued at over £1 million.  

Academic staff


Our researchers contribute to significant proportions of the teaching for several successful undergraduate courses and postgraduate programmes. You can find out more about the degrees that we offer within the School of Biological and Marine Sciences.

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Research fellows and research assistants

Current PhD students

Olivier Burvingt Impact of extreme storms on coastal morphology

Sam Prodger – Sediment variability and beach morphodynamics

Kris Inch – Extreme storms on sandy beaches

Mark Wiggins – Coastal cell response to a changing wave climate using autonomous aerial surveying

Diego Bruciaferri – Numerical modelling of shelf seas

Nieves Garcia Valiente – Sediment exchange between the beach and the inner shelf

Erin King – Modelling sediment transport processes between the beach and inner continental shelf

Oli Bilson –  The role of infragravity waves in coastal change (In conjunction with the University of Liverpool)

Completed PhD's

Name Date Project Funding

Guiomar Lopez 2011-2017 Investigating spatial variability of wave fields from HF radar measurements Marinet & UoP

Erwin Bergsma 2011-2017  Morphodynamic modelling of a macrotidal beach (Porthtowan)  UoP 

Luis (Pedro) Melo de Almeida 2011-2016   Adaptation and resilience of coastal energy supply EPSRC
Emma Rendle 2009-2016   Environmental and socio-economic impacts of artificial surfing reefs: the UK experience UoP
Antony Thorpe 2011-2016   Sediment transport and beach erosion induced by rip currents NERC
Christopher Stokes 2011-2015 Coastal impacts of marine renewables SMSE
Robert McCall 2011-2015 XBeach modelling of coastal gravel barriers EPSRC
Claire Earlie 2011-2015 Coastal cliff erosion in Cornwall European Social Fund and Great Western Research
Feng Chen 2011-2015 Shallow water acoustics
Ellie Woodward 2012-2015 Rip current safety – changing behaviour to save lives Marine Institute and RNLI
Fred Wobus 2009-2013 The influence of dense water cascades on larger-scale ocean circulation NERC/UoP
Gabriela Garcia-Rubio 2007-2012 Shoreline changes in the Yutacan Peninsula CONACYT (Mexican Government)
Thomas Roc 2009-2012 Development of a resource assessment tool for tidal power generation devices: Regional Modelling Great Western Research

Name Date Project Funding

Tim Poate 2008-2012 Morphological change on high energy beaches in the lee of the Wave Hub SWRDA/PRIMaRE
Robert Brewin 2007-2011 Investigation of the role of phytoplankton functional types in CO2 flux variability NERC
Amaia Ruiz de Alegria Arzaburu   2007-2010 Measuring and modelling annual, seasonal and storm-induced morphological response on a gravel beach UoP

Iain Farley 2006-2010 Video monitoring of shoreline response to offshore segmented breakwaters EPSRC

Jon Tinker 2006-2009 Measuring and modelling of cross-shore sediment transport and profile evolution on natural beaches NERC

Tim Scott 2006-2009 Classification and risk assessment of UK beaches RNLI/HEIF2 

Nigel Aird 2003-2009 Coastal sediment dynamics
Daniel Buscombe 2005-2008 Morpho-sediment dynamics of gravel beaches UoP

George Graham 2005-2008 Biomediation of turbulence and suspended sediment characteristics in marsh surface flows – The influence of Spartina Anglica NERC
Marcos Bernardes 2002-2005 Modelling the long-term morphodynamic evolution of estuaries
Richard Thain 2002-2005 Understanding the prediction of tidal instrusion fronts