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The Coastal Processes Research Group promotes work to a wide audience through a range of media. While journal publications provide a key area for us to share our research we also engage with project stakeholders and partners by creating informative videos and resources available through our webpages. As projects progress and data can be made available, we will continue to update this page with our content.

Understanding rip currents

Dr Tim Scott, Lecturer in Ocean Exploration, explains how rip currents are created and how the latest research is helping us to improve our understanding of them.

Plymouth researchers: Forecasting coastal change

Professor Gerd Masselink, Professor of Coastal Geomorphology and Head of the Coastal Processes Research Group (CPRG), is one of the world’s leading authorities on the coastal impacts of extreme storms. From the Atlantic coast of Europe to atolls in the Pacific, his research has consistently focused on measuring and investigating the consequences of storms and use the understanding obtained to develop methods and tools to predict our coastlines now and in the future.
“Coastal erosion and flooding, and consequent damage to infrastructure, disruption of services and modifications to the coastal landscape will become more common over the next century due to climate change.”
Plymouth pioneers Professor Gerd Masselink
coastal processes research group media