Dr Ian Howard

Dr Ian Howard

Associate Professor Computational Neuroscience

School of Engineering, Computing and Mathematics (Faculty of Science and Engineering)


Module leader for:

AINT351 Machine Learning

ROCO218 Control Engineering

ROCO224 Introduction to Robotics

Previously module leader for:

ROCO222 Introduction to Sensors and Actuators

SOFT561 Robot Software Engineering

SOFT141 Network Programming



Electrical and Electronic Engineering, B.Sc. (Eng.), University College London 

PhD, Speech Fundamental Period Estimation using Pattern Recognition, University College London

PostDoc, Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge

Professional membership

Society for the Neural Control of Movement

Society for Neuroscience

International Speech Communication Association (ISCA) 

Research interests

I am actively involved in neuroscience research. This involves the study of the human motor system, with particular emphasis on arm and hand movements. I also develop computational models of infant speech acquisition. In addition, I design and develop robotic systems.

Key publications are highlighted

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Francis K, Terbeck S, Briazu R, Haines A, Gummerum M, Ganis G & Howard IS 2017 'Simulating Moral Actions: An Investigation of Personal Force in Virtual Moral Dilemmas' Scientific Reports , DOI PEARL
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Conference Papers
Howard IS 2019 'A Modular 3D-Printed Inverted Pendulum' Springer International Publishing 413-424 , DOI
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Howard IS & Huckvale MA 1989 'Two-level recognition of isolated word using neural nets' 90-94


My personal homepage is www.howardlab.com