Marine Institute projects

The Smiles Project

The Surface Mixed Layer Evolution at Submesoscales (Smiles) project is a combined observational and numerical modelling experiment funded by the UK Natural Environment Research Council.

The three year project is looking at small scale processes that are important for exchanges between the atmosphere and mixed layer of the oceans.

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The Deep Links Project

Deep Links is investigating how patterns of population connectivity vary with depth in the deep sea around the UK, and how this influences species diversity

It is a collaborative project between Plymouth University and the University of Oxford, in partnership with JNCC and BGS, funded by NERC

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Marine protected areas

Marine protected areas (MPAs) are a key management tool to halt the global decline in marine biodiversity and fish stocks. Our understanding of the benefit flow arising from the marine environment is far from complete.

This project aims to increase understanding of how the level of management of MPAs can influence the delivery of marine ecosystem services.

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PLUTO webcam

Out of sight, out of mind is a perennial problem in marine conservation. The PLUTO project aims to engage people with marine life in Plymouth Sound special area of conservation by providing an ‘eye in the sea’, accessible to anyone.

The Plymouth Underwater Teaching Observatory (PLUTO) streams live from Plymouth Sound, providing a unique view into the underwater habitat.

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